Thailand Places to Visit in 2015


Cities to Travel in Thailand

Thai people are one of the easiest going people; they live more in the moment and enjoy all the bits and pieces of life. They are one of the most welcoming people in the world. Thailand got many options when it comes to living your kind of life. Different cities with different atmosphere give you the perfect choices to choose from. White sand beaches, never sleeping city, mountainous jungle to beach style islands, all provide with significant comfort and excitement to live in Thailand.

One of the main reasons of moving to Thailand is the increased spending power, when converting from your own currency to Thai baht. Most things will cost half the price that you use to pay at home. Finding a job can be tough at times, but foreigner with English as their native language can easily get a teaching job which also resolves and kind of visa problems. Highly qualified ones can grab good job opportunity in corporate industry. With even a starting salary of 30,000 Thai baht, you can easily afford all the expense of staying in Thailand.

Bangkok – Contemporary and Cost-Effective


Bangkok is the first city which comes in mind when talking about Thailand. As it’s the heart of Thailand. Bangkok has prospered itself into a modern and wonderful cosmopolitan city, with big luxurious hotels, paramount skyscrapers, delicious restaurant and a perfect nightlife. There is nothing missing from enjoyment to work, it is very convenient and light on wallet.

Bangkok is filled with activities such as golf, tennis, gym and even flow house. We can find clubs like Fitness First, True fitness and racquet club. There is no shortage of social activity.

Majority of Bangkok expats choose to live in capital city, along with good public transport service mainly being BTS and MRT. Sukhumvit is one of the most popular places in town to be, you will find great restaurants, night clubs and huge luxurious branded malls.

Pattaya – Live your moment

Pattaya is the most known city in Thailand, whether it’s be their beaches or walking street. Pattaya is very popular for it. It is known to be the hubs for many tourists who visit Thailand and most of it settles here for its beauty and night life.

Regarding food, you will not find popular names like in main city but you get great variety of different cuisine and seafood being the most popular. There are few large malls in Pattaya which provide with affordable restaurants and some luxurious brands.

If you prefer easy life and just want to stay in your retirement income, Pattaya is one of the best places to be. Regarding residence you can get two bedroom apartments for around 7,000 baht in outskirt and around 15,000 baht in city and can touch up to 50,000 for a luxury flat with sea view.

Pattaya beach defiantly has plenty of social life. In day time you can spend ideal time enjoying sunbath and walking around the beach. In evening, there are so many bars and pub in walking distance. You will find 10 bars in a distance of 10 meters at walking street.

Chiang Mai – Mountain and Easy pace of life

Chiang mai is located in northern Thailand. It is popular for its calm lifestyle and temperate climate. With rich culture dating back to 600 years, Chiang mai is home to hundreds of Buddhist temples.

Being set in mountainside it gives a unique fresh feeling. It’s got one of the best weather in Thailand. Chiang mai is not far away from Bangkok in being convenient and affordable. You get all the similar facilities as you would find in capital.

Here you can easily find spectacular dining options, standard size theatre and couple of malls with popular brands. Health care is of high standard as well. In comparison to Bangkok you will have everything here in Chiang mai just with fewer options.

Living cost is quite less, if in city center you can find one-bedroom apartment for 8000 baht per month. With great Mountain View and temperature the residence cost is well in par compared to crowded capital.

Phuket – Beach life with all the comfort

Phuket is country’s largest island and is paradise to most of the expats. Nothing quite beats the beauty of Phuket, especially the wind around the region. The sparkling aquamarine kind water and green top mountains with white sand beaches says it all.

The water around the island is pure and clear with a good brisk breeze which flows all around the island. Even being small compare to other cities, it offers all the facilities and activities as well. Whether it is clubbing or relaxing at Naithon beach, or be the go go girls pub to cabaret shows at night.

Phuket offers some of the best seafood and you can dine at a range of suitable restaurant from Japanese, Italian to Indian. Being an expat you won’t be away from your favorite groceries at home. Imported food, wine and fashion all are easily available in this island. Being the second-busiest airport in Thailand, it gives easy access to travel around the country.

Also the accommodation price falls in budget. Two-bedroom, two-bathroom villa with pool can cost you around 20,000 baht per month with a five minute walking distance from the nearest beach. Little far from beach can easily accommodate you in fewer than 15,000 baht with three-bedroom, two-bathroom home.


Hua hin – Relaxed Seaside Retreat

Hua Hin is Thai local’s favorite vacation place to be at. The area is quite wide around the shore with white sand beaches. Being just 300 km away from Bangkok, it is a two and a half hour drive. Hua Hin is a popular tourist destination, a cheerful seaside town with stress less living.

Not only they got long stretched, clean beaches but also got improve restaurants nearby beaches. Night market in town is one great place to walk through where you can get all kind of local products from Thai handicrafts bags to show pieces. Where you can bargain to your best and grab all kind of inexpensive good quality products.

Hua Hin also makes it special during festive season such as Songkran or New Year, featuring the best local and international musicians. Although Hua Hin is more known as a tourist spot then a permanent residence, but reasonable cost of living and with all the facilities around you can also make it your home.

Living cost can be on a higher side here, although there are many options from being in town or right across with the beach. If you are looking for rent, a three-bedroom, three bathrooms next to beach with 1,500 square feet can cost you around 24,000 Thai baht.



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