Airport Taxi of Thailand Bans Japanese Passengers


Japanese passenger banned from airport taxi's thailand



Airport taxi’s of Thailand stick a note in their taxi’s to not accept Japanese passengers. Any taxi’s caught with the note will be charged 1000 baht.

The whole incident started when a Japanese businessman posted an online complain that went viral about taxi’s (SUV) charging 700 baht to Saphan Khwai area (normal cost around 300-400 baht).

Although, Japanese businessman Mr. Koki didn’t expect a huge uproarto which he apologizes as he didn’t want any Japanese feeling bad while seeing that note on a taxi. Although, strict measures has been taken by the Thai officials who have fined 1000 baht for taxi’s sticking that sign.

The association president asked “Passengers pay tens of thousands of baht for an air ticket. Why can’t they pay a few hundred baht for a negotiated fare” (via bangkok post)

The association president meant that a taxi ride in Japan is expensive and could cost more than $100 at night, however, Thailand is way cheaper compared to other countries.


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