Bike Lanes and Recreational Areas Along Chao Phraya River


bike lanes planned by thai ggovernment along chao phraya river

The cabinet ministry have long kept a plan they’ve been working for quite few months to avoid speculation of land prices along or around the area. 7 km strip of bike lane along the Chao Phraya river have been approved and will be further discussed with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

A great step for Thailand as they are planning to be more conscious about the pollution in Bangkok and other cities. Bangkok is famous for traffic around the world and this is a good move for the Thai government. Bike lanes have been rather encouraged by the Thai government unlike the previous government which was more focused on giving easy loans to public for buying cars causing more traffic and pollution.

Many small cities have bike lanes however, not many people tend to use it because of the lack of public relation. Bike lanes have been in Bangkok around Wong Wian Yai but not many people use, but Thai government is making an effort to work on other places as well like Khaosan road where bike lanes have been made although used not much frequently.




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