Mike Tyson Coming to Bangkok for Pigeon Racing Event in Thailand


Mike Tyson has a surprising soft spot! Yes, you’ve heard that correct Mike Tyson is coming to Thailand not for a boxing match but for his first love “Pigeon Racing”. Mike Tyson will be in Bangkok for the festival held in May 2015.

The story about Mike Tyson’s Ex-girlfriend cooking and eating the pigeon while he couldn’t do that gained a lot of popularity. Mike Tyson is usually seen as a tough guy but his love for pigeons is definitely a different side of the Iron man.

The Pigeon Racing festival is also going to be held next year in 2016 with participants from 30 countries and about 20,000 competing birds in the race.

Some pictures of Iron Man with Pigeons:

mike tyson coming to Thailand for pigeon racing

mike tyson with pigeons love




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