Shinawatra Family Faces End to Political Role


Is this the end of Shinawatra family in Thai politics?

Yingluck Shinawatra has been impeached and barred from politics by the National Legislative Assemble (NLA). Furthermore, she has also been charged for failing to stop losses in the rice-scheme during her tenure of Prime Minister of Thailand.

Ms. Yingluck turned to her Facebook page and posted “If there is no Yingluck, the Thai people can still live on. But, more importantly, if there is no justice left in the governance of Thailand, no one can live on.”

yingluck faced impeachment


The family has been hoping that there aren’t criminal charges which could probably put her in more trouble. Sources also suggest that “Phue Thai Party” has been losing it’s hold in Up-country Thailand. Thaksin desperately wants someone who he could trust to run the party but there doesn’t seem to be a fit at the moment.

Mr. Thaksin doesn’t want his son to get involved in politics therefore the only option left for him could be his brother-in-law, although it’s still hard to say anything at the moment.


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