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bicycle tour of bangkok

Visiting Thailand and not sure how to explore the small lanes and back roads of the city? There is no better way than cycling the quiet side and see different side of the city. A bike tour in Bangkok is a great way to see the city and the surrounding areas, there is more to discover in this bustling metropolitan hub than running through big roads full of traffic alongside high raise buildings.

There are lot of Bike tour operators which provide tours through all the soi and lanes discovering beautiful temples, traditional Thai floating market and life nearby Chao Phraya River through small, tiny lanes of the city.

Different types of bike tours available in Bangkok are:

You can also rent a bike and do you own bike tour of Bangkok using the APP May My Ride which shows / tells the best cycling tours in Bangkok.

Why Bicycle Tour?

Bicycle tour is all about seeing different side of Bangkok, get more informative knowledge on how people live and survive here. Most of the bicycle trips are not to famous places instead they take you through real Bangkok into the rural life and below par living standard people.

There are tours which you go through Bangkok Jungle in which you see this amazing side of Bangkok which is left as it is with no construction or artificial structure being built there.  We get to run through abundant habitat of plant, water streams running through canals and a long ride through real rough tropical forest within city.

There are also other bike tours which take us through small villages. Riding through local communities, schools and temples. With great sight of green tropical landscape, children laughing and enjoying within themselves and river boats running down canal.

Many tours runs alongside Chao Phraya River where you get to see historical temples that are of significant importance to Thai culture. Most of the ride is done through narrow lanes allowing you to experience the natural atmosphere in that area.

Amazing Bangkok Cycling Tours

  • takes you thorough to different areas of Bangkok. Choose the number of hours you would like to spend. 3 – 4 hours or 8 – 9 hours ride. Different tours available where you get to know more about the Thai culture. Some tours you learn cooking, some are food tours around the city and some take you through the historical temples and places in Bangkok.
  • is a bike tour company operating from the last 30 years so they surely know each and every street in Bangkok. They will take you to some amazing places that is not even known much among the locals, the tiny streets of Chinatown, non touristy temples far away from the bustling city.

Night tours are also one of the popular bicycle tours now available. This is a great way of seeing Bangkok avoiding the heat and smoke of day time. You travel through quiet, windy and safe roads of Bangkok. Although most of night trips take you through night market or temples as they are beautifully illuminated in evening and are much of a better sight then seeing them in scorching heat during daytime.


Most of the rides range from 25-40 kilometers alongside temple, villages, canals, small alleys and minor roads. Surface is unsmooth and can be patchy at times. Mix of asphalt roads and vehicle width dirt roads will be there. You should be able to ride well on rocky surface as its gets pretty hard to balance on rough road or even sandy roads.

It is a very safe and an enjoyable riding session, with plenty of stoppage, sightseeing and water breaks. All necessary measures are taken to keep rider safe as Trek mountain bikes are provided and strong helmet are available to as a protective gear.


Food is very well taken care of by the tour guides. You get to try all kind of tasty local snacks throughout the way. Travelling through the maze of Bangkok narrow manes and street you get to see interesting small four-wheel cart selling different kind of local snacks. A good proper lunch break is also taken in between were you sit for a traditional Thai menu and enjoy the sweet and spicy flavors of dishes.

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