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The Great Kabab Factory, Bangkok

No I’m not talking about the makeshift kabab/shwarma vendors on the roadsides of Nana but rather a more premium and authentic dining experience featuring over 450 different types of mouth-watering Indian kababs as well traditional dishes such as the famous Biryani and selections of curries.

the great kebab factory bangkokI’ve been going to TGKF almost once a month – either with family or friends and each time the experience is unique. The menu changes each time and the staff greets you with excellent care.

So here’s how it works:

food at the great kebab factory in bangkok - indian foodYou walk in and take your seat in a very formal but comfortable and non-fussy setting. You can also quickly take a glance at chefs preparing food behind a glass kitchen.

Kabab Starters – First Course

Once seated, the waiter asks if you want a vegetarian or non-vegetarian option for a set menu, which is basically an extended 3-course meal. First one is the 5 Kabab starters that which might as well be a meal in themselves. The waiters come to your table with sizzling pieces of meat or vegetarian selection, one at a time while they engage with you, explaining the concept and ingredients behind each food item. They even suggest which sauces (chutney) goes well with each kabab. You could ignore them and make your own pairing from one of the four chutney options – tamarind, yoghurt, mint or tomato.

Their signature kabab, the Galouti is just incredible – creamy and full of flavor. It comes in a round patty that you can just smear all over a thin saffron-based bread, add your sauce and onions, roll it up and eat. It simply melts in your mouth.

Goulati Kabab – minced lamb with herbs and spices
Goulati Kabab

Kababs come in the form of prawns, fish, and chicken for the meat lovers but vegetarians can also enjoy kababs made of potato, paneer (cottage cheese) and other ingredients. I even had the pleasure of trying a pineapple kabab once, which was surprisingly delicious.

potato kebab
Potato Kabab

Curries and Rice – Second Course

The second course is an assortment of Indian breads (naan), rice (Biryani), curries and lentils (daal). By now you are probably so full, you are ready to call it quits and you don’t even think of ordering second helping (even though you most certainly can) but if you have the capacity and will power, you’ll want to power on.

The great kebab factory The curries include daal makhani, paneer, lamb or chicken. The Biryani and curries in my experience is not their best food item because I’m used to more spicy versions but since the kababs are so good, this can be forgiven.

Sweets – Third Course

Finally the dessert arrives, ranging between ice-cream, Kulfi, rice pudding (Kheer) and sweet grated carrot (gajar ka halwa). I’m personally not a fan of Indian sweets but once I had the pleasure of having a paan and pistachio ice-cream. Remember if you like any of these, you can always ask for more!

desserts at great kebab factoryWhy you should visit The Great Kabab factory?

Plainly put, although it seems like it’s all about gorging on the excess amount of kababs, curries, rice and breads, it is more about the experience. Chat up with the waiters, learn some food history and of course take your time eating. It’s especially great for people who don’t know what to order.

Vegan and Vegetarian Food

Vegetarians and vegans in Bangkok usually do not have many options available, however, this place could blow you away as they have many options for you guys as well.

Written by:

Shayan Naveed – You can contact him at shayan.naveed85@gmail.com for more information


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