Top Things to do in Bangkok


We have talked a lot about visiting temples, beaches, rooftops and other scenic places around Bangkok. But there is a lot more to enjoy within Bangkok such as colorful shopping street markets and great outdoors, these few things may not be what Thailand is known for but they give a great experience and knowledge of life in Thailand.

Siam Ocean World

siam ocean world

Siam ocean world is an underwater world filled with amazing marine creatures. Being located in the center of the city makes it much easier to travel there. It is located in the basement floor of Siam Paragon mall with over 30,000 various kind of creatures and the size of three huge swimming pool make it a must visit place in Bangkok. You can also walk in the tank with long tailed fishes and dangerous sharks.

Chinatown (Yaowarat)

China Town

Bangkok Chinatown is a popular tourist attraction. It is very colorful and chaotic area, filled with plenty of shops and stalls. The narrow street takes you through plenty of shop houses selling food and gold mostly. The place gets really crowded during business hours especially in afternoon and its recommended to continually check on your belongings.

Make sure you go in morning to avoid much of crowd and get to cover much of Chinatown as it is a huge place on legs. It is not known for clubs and drinks at night but very well known for its dining experience with unique and delicious food items.

Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak Map

Chatuchak is the world’s biggest weekend market selling everything from smallest pieces of spare parts to accessories, fashion, food, antique and pets. There are almost everything can be found here at a bargaining price and most vendors come from factories from other province of Thailand with their art and handicraft skills. It is more like a must visit place for tourist with over 15,000 stalls to explore to diverse collections of items.

Once you are deep in the intestine of chatuchak, it will seem like a maze with no escape. You will find narrow roads to walk through in each section and you will get everything from Furniture and Home decoration, Food and Beverages, Art and Gallery, plants and gardening tools, pets, antiques and collectables, handicraft and clothing.

Khao San Road


Khao San is a short street in Bangkok and have become one the most renowned place for backpackers. This is the place where east meets west, and you can see travel from all over the world walking through these streets. The area is very famous for its night life with plenty of bars and club.

The area is more suited for backpackers as it is very cheap with nightlife from clubs, drinks to food. Also accommodation cost is kept in affordable range with 3 star hotel and hostel available within the street. There are plenty of shops to selling fancy clothes and accessories. It becomes very crowded, but a really fun place to be during festive season such as New Year and Songkran.

Wildlife Tours of Khao Khaew Safari Park

khao khaew safari park

Meet number of awesome creatures of Khao Khaew safari park, know their lifestyle and habitat. It’s the best way to learn about animals. Also, options to visit the night safari and see animals at night – llamas, elephants, giraffes.

 Dusit Zoo

Dusit Zoo

Dusit Zoo is home to wide variety of domestic and international animals, ranging from alligators, elephants, zebras to penguins, kangaroos and white Bengal tiger. It got plenty of other facilities such as medical and educational center; also offer many rides and amusement facilities to entertain throughout the day. It is located in the heart of Bangkok and so makes it much easier to travel too.

It makes it a great outdoor family outing and plenty of other activities will make it a more enjoyable day. Entrance fee is around 150 baht for Adult and 70 baht for children. It is open from 8 am so it is better you get there in morning and have some fun time exhibiting unique wildlife.

Chao Phraya River Boats

Chao Phraya River

Chao Phraya is the main river of Bangkok with lot of temples and commercial building on the banks of the river. It the main stream which runs through Bangkok and you get to see tall buildings, colorful temples and rural life around the banks where you will notice people washing clothes or feeding fishes. You can grab a speed boat which will run through the khlong (river) exploring all the places around it.

The Grand Palace

The grand Palace

The palace is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bangkok. Wat Phra kaew the temple famous for Emerald Buddha is inside Grand Palace as well. The Grand Palace is huge as it is filled with various buildings, pavilions, halls covered within open garden and courtyard. Its beautiful architecture and creativity attract tourist in big numbers.

Its better you at least spare half a day to go through all the impressive art done inside. Also avoid shorts and skirts and make sure you are modestly dressed. But just in case if you are not well dressed you can be provided with clothes to cover yourself up. Entrance fee cost around 50 baht for foreigners.

Jim Thompson House

Jim THompson 2Jim THompson

Jim Thompson House shows the affection of Asian art and cultural heritage. It was a home to a renowned entrepreneur James Thompson who was the founder for the famous Thai silk company. It is now a museum, comprising six houses made up of Thai teakwood and is famous for Thai old structure which was collected by Jim Thompson during his stay in Thailand.

Today it’s a famous place for tourist to visit. It is still kept in same manner the architecture and interior which use to be during Jim Thompson time. It’s a great place to spend some time and get enlighten with stories about the arts and painting stored in that artifact house.

Biking Tour

Biking Tour

Bicycle tour is all about seeing different side of Bangkok, get more informative knowledge on how people live and survive here. Most of the bicycle trips are not to famous places instead they take you through real Bangkok into the rural life and below par living standard people.

Many tours runs alongside Chao Phraya River where you get to see historical temples that are of significant importance to Thai culture. Most of the ride is done through narrow lanes allowing you to experience the natural atmosphere and popular food in that area.

Amusement Parks

Dream World

Dream World and Safari World are two popular places to enjoy with family. These large amusement parks offer great enjoyment and variety of entertainment and activities. Dream Land provides you with all the fun rides with its different section of Adventure Land, Fantasy Land and Dream Garden. Whereas, Safari world is Thailand’s largest open zoo and Leisure Park where we go through Marine Park and visit dolphins, watch thrilling stunts shows and drive through African wilderness environment.

Tuk-Tuk Rides

Tuk tuk ride

Tuk tuk are one of the most exhilarating transports to travel in Bangkok from place to place. The rides go in fun swing and are more of a great experience when you travel through these three wheelers. Tourist specially enjoy these rides knowing they don’t get any kind of these commuter back home to travel in.

They are quite faster than normal taxis and can zig-zag easily through traffic, although the room to sit is pretty cramped up if more than three people to adjust. Make sure to bargain as they normally start with price well over the fare rate, and you can always lower it down to some extent.

Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park is one of the better places in Bangkok to spend some leisure time. Being in the inner-city of Bangkok it makes it much easier to travel too. It is a huge place filled with green vegetation for all kind of people to come and relax, jog, walk, run or do any other kind of activity they would like too.

It offers a rare public space and playground within the city, where visitors can come and enjoy some cool breeze and huge tress. There also lakes within the park where you can rent a boat to paddle around and have some quality time. Mostly you will see all kind of age group running or jogging around and with new fitness equipment installed in the park it makes more of a fitness arena.

Rooftop Dinners

Rooftop Dinner

Best way to enjoy the view of this fast paced Bangkok city is from the rooftop. And you will find plenty of hotel ceilings to have an iconic time with your special ones. The Rooftops offers one of the great panoramic views and it would be wonderful if you get it close to Chao Phraya River.

There are plenty of rooftops available now in Bangkok city to have a great night, forgetting all the hustle and bustle of this busy city and enjoying the view and wind from a great height. Rooftops as the environment suggests tend to be pricey but they are worth a visit. It is advisable to sit with a glass of a beverage as foods are normally costly.

Golf Range

Gold Rang

Golf is one of a great way to relax for elderly specially. Mostly Businessman love to spend their leisure time swinging around in golf course. Lately Bangkok has increased golfing activity and lot of golf courses and driving range has been brought up around the town. Although golfing is mostly on the expensive side but the one who enjoys it know the value for money. It is a great way to spend some time with your friends on a green hub with friendly battles.

Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy is one the Bangkok hot spots when it comes to nightlife. The streets are filled with clubs and bar, the area is bright and colorful with lot of women in bikinis standing in front of the shops. Better be prepared to be tugged by all the women’s around as they will try all their charm to get you to their club. Although there is no entrance cost so there is no harm hitting each bar and having few drinks inside.

Soi cowboy is really popular with expats especially who come to just have some fun for short time. The place is one of its kinds and you will have a great time as the girls are not pushy and they will entertain you well as long as you give her some attention.

Central World

Central World

Central world is a huge shopping complex which offers a great shopping experience in town. It consists of more than 500 stores and 100 restaurants and also comprises two department stores, Isetan and Zen and have recently launched new zone known as Groove which offers variety of café, restaurant and hang-out space.

It is very popular within tourist and local alike. Regarding shopping it has everything from brand name apparel, accessories, cosmetic and beauty salons, entertainment, stationary, restaurants, gadgets and even ice-skating rink.

Bangkok Tree House

Bangkok Tree

The Bangkok Tree House is the perfect destination for this kind of environment. Here you live around trees with provision of outdoor showers covered with bamboo curtains. For rooms you get few options to choose from. Weather being an open nest where you get to sleep under stars with no roof or a proper room covered with glass on all side.

Bicycles are provided to guest to ride around the Bangkok jungle and enjoy the lush vegetation and floating market. From hot-air balloon, hiking to surfing, nearly all activities can be explored and enjoyed in different parts of Thailand. Thailand provide with plenty of diverse activities for eco tourist as well.




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