Unseen Thailand


Thailand is a country with diversified ethnicity and geographical regions. When people tour to Thailand they already make up their mind with the most popular spots to explore in Thailand. Mostly being beaches, temples and cozy nightlife, but there is more than this. There are more of unseen, unexplored spots on this land which you would love to experience and admire and add on to your lifetime memories.

Wat Phra Non Temple

wat phra non

Wat Phra Non word means Temple of the reclining Buddha. The main attraction of this temple is a 20 meters long reclining golden Buddha statue. It is known to be that this temple was built from the time of Ayutthaya Kingdom and carries a rich history. In front of entrance you will also find other sanctuary old statues in different shapes. There is no entrance fee and is located in Singburi province.

Bang Kung Temple

bang kung 2

There are many beautiful temples in and around the Bangkok city, but Bang Kung Temple which dates back to Ayutthaya Period is one of the most interesting ones. The Buddha image is situated in an old ordination hall which is over grown by a Banyan tree. The tree completely covers the chapel and it’s hardly recognizable from far. It’s more of a worship place for locals who live there and from the nearby province. You can also go inside to pay respect to the Buddha sculpture.

Phu Klon Country Club

phu klon 1 phu klon 2

Phu Klon is one of the world’s three natural mud hot springs and is located in Maehongson district. It carries a nature rich gift of mixture of mud in natural mineral water. It was discovered by geologists and later examined to be found that this clay of mud and water is beneficial for the skin and blood circulation. There are more other health beneficial massages and treatment conducted in this spa. It is open Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

tree top asia - zipline adventure in thailand

Koh Lipe Island

koh lipe 1 koh lipe 2

Koh Lipe is a small island in Satun province of Southern Thailand. The island is very small and so can be covered on foot, although there is few motorcycles taxi available which can pick and drop you within the island. Koh Lipe beaches are famous for crystal clear water, white sand beaches and beautiful marine life. There are three main beaches – Pattaya, Sunset and sunrise beach.

It is a perfect place for relaxation with plenty of underwater activities. There are luxurious resorts and variety of Thai and international cuisines. Going during off season will be a better option as you get easy access to all of the resources out there, get to enjoy quiet time on the beach and have a stressful experience.

Hala-Bala Wildlife Reserve

hala bala

Hala Bala wildlife sanctuary is a great birding site in the south of Thailand, It’s a not to be missed attraction for nature lovers. Being not so old it is one of the latest established reserves. It is divided into two sections Hala and Bala. The Hala section is up on north and home to species which are not available in lower section of Bala. Bala region is much smaller than Hala but much easier to explore as it’s hard to reach Hala and hence it’s less explored by tourist.

Bala contains great birdlife with mostly endangered and exciting Sudanic forest birds. Plenty of mammals are also present in that area. The stream and beauty of grown tress make it all together a great location for tourist to get a sense of wilderness. Although the region is little unsafe because of terrorism and it is advisable to check with Wildlife authority before making any schedule for this reserve.

Muang Badan

muang badan 1 muang badan 2

Muang Badan or popularly known as underwater Temple which is located in Sangkhlaburi, Kanchanaburi Province. This ancient temple was submerged in water when the dam was build. You can only see the square structure and bell tower when the area is fully flooded which is normally during rainy season. During dry season when water level lowers down, the temple is clearly visible and you can pay a visit by boat.

Saeng Chan Waterfall

saeng chan 1 saeng chan 2

Saeng Chan waterfall is located in Ubon Ratchathani. The waterfall got the acclaim of being a very beautiful and unique waterfall because of its special characteristic. The steam of water flows through the cliff and fall down through the open hole of rocks. The waterfall is only one of a kind in Thailand for the reason of when the sunlight strikes the water it gives the water a magical glow which make it look similar to moon light.

The best time to visit this place is around 11:00 am to around noon where sun is at its brightest. It is preferable to make a visit during rainy or winter season.

Sam Phan Boke

sam phan

Sam Phan Boke is also known as a Grand canyon of Thailand. It draws people from all over the world for its hidden large rocks under the Mekong River. During winter these 3000 small and huge basins are sunk under water creating different shapes and art in the middle of Mekong River.

Although during dry season the water will flow out and these beautiful hidden wonders will appear out. The area is large and appealing showing the natural grace of this area.


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