Neapolitan Pizza in Bangkok – Sandro’s Pizza


This is Bangkok’s one of the first grimiest Neapolitan pizza joint in Bang Phli area. Sandro’s pizza boasts all the Neapolitan pizzas from Pizza Dara and Quattro Formaggi to Frutti di Mare.

If anyone in Bangkok could claim to be expert in Neapolitan pizza then it has to be Sandros Pizza.The creamy Mozarella sauce, the puffy pizza crust are all that makes this joint a perfect dining place for pizza craving fans. The dough is light and fermented bringing it close to it origins in Napoli.

Vegetarians do not have to be sad as they can order Vegetariana pizza with mushrooms, spinach, artichokes, capsicum and mozarella.

With 18 different pizza to order Sandro’s Pizza also has side dishes like Spaghetti Carbonara, Lasagna, Baked Spinach. 

It’s your turn to check it out





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