Asiatique the Riverfront Night Market


Asiatique the riverfront night market is a huge open territory shopping center arranged in Charoen krung Road confronting the Chao Phraya River. Opened in 2012 after significant remodeling it is now Bangkok’s trendiest point. It is a blend of an outdoor shopping center and night bazaar.

Asiatique at night

The simplest and quickest approach to arrive is through boat. Take the BTS to Saphan Taksin and hop on the free transport at the end of the dock. It just takes ten minutes, and the watercraft keeps running until 23:00. Taxis are not suggested as the traffic can be frightful here.

The shopping center is distributed into four zones with around 1500 shops and up to 50 eateries. Each of the four zones is differentiated into diverse classes offering garments, handwork, gifts, furniture and numerous different things.


It’s famous with visitors, as well as with Thais, and is unquestionably the most upscale night showcase in Bangkok. The Asiatique Riverfront is separated in 4 zones

The Factory Zone

It is the place the shopping goes on, and where the vast majority of the 1500 little shopS are situated in old stockroom. You discover loads of design, a few keepsakes, plan things, crafted works, furniture, home decorations and different things, and the determination looks like the sort of stock you find at Terminal 21. You get great quality for the cash you pay, however it’s not the shabby deal chasing you find at numerous other night market.

The Waterfront Zone

It is the thing that you see when you first land by boat. You discover extravagant eateries and occasion venues lined up along a 300m footpath. Shows, celebrations and the New Year’s commencement festivals occur here. The area is quite open and many stalls are also opened during festive season selling different kind of snacks and appetizers.

The Down Square Zone

Is a blend of Thai & Western impacts – a sports bar, different kinds of food, and a little occasion’s territory. The place is filled with different stall with franchise and branded food shops. There are also few bars and clubs for you to go relax. The area is also used during the cultural events which are hosted during public holidays

The Chareonkrung Zone

Is the place you find more than 1,000 retail shops offering crafted works, home stylistic layout, gifts, additionally the Joe Louis Puppet Theater and the Calypso Show.

Its best place to stay away from Bangkok and its traffic as it provides with warmth, extraordinary environment, cool open air night offering a wide range of stuff, great eateries, extraordinary stream perspective of chao phraya, a wide range of activites going on. It also has an immense Ferris wheel to hop onto and enjoy the beauty of the city from the top.


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