Half Naked Waiters Serving Som Tum in Chatuchak Market


A new concept Thai restaurant has opened in Chatuchak market which has gained popularity not just for food but also for the waiters serving food.

It has become sensation among Thais and also tourists who can get a taste of Som Tum with extra spice. The restaurant has half naked guy waiters serving Som Tum to the customers and by the way they are all fit, good-looking and well educated waiters. Some of them work during the week in a popular hotel in Bangkok.

The restaurant is an imagination of “Tony” who came to Bangkok from upcountry and has struggled previously in the restaurant business. He came up with an idea of “angel theme” for waiters which has caused a buzz among the tourist and locals. Tony also came up with a new recipe of Som Tum making sure that people not only come to the restaurant once or twice in order to see the “angel waiters” but also for the food which is the top thing for any customer / guest.

Long queues for the restaurant to seek one glimpse of “half naked” waiters serving Som tum. The restaurant is no differently set up at the moment as others except the waiters wearing “angel dress” and long queues. As Tony’s (owner of the restaurant) business is prospering and earning a lot more money than expected, he’s planning to invest it into making it a full-fledged restaurant where people can sit, talk and enjoy the good looking waiters.

Tony’s idea was to get more female customers, however, it has attracted a lot of gays as well doubling his expectations in revenue at the same time.







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