Job Opportunities in Thailand for Expats



The number of 20 to 30-year olds relocating in Thailand has considerably shot up in recent years. Though there are expat retirees settling in Thailand, their number has considerably decreased. Thailand’s economy and way of life are factors that reel this younger set of expats to seek jobs in able to work and live in the country.

For expats who have landed a job before coming in Thailand, a life of ease and luxury awaits them. For expats who arrive in the country looking for work, the possibility of landing lucrative Thailand job positions is also high.

Though Thailand, Bangkok more so, is the center of intermittent political unrest, the country’s economy is stable as it heavily relies on foreign investment. At the cancelation of the civilian government in 2014, economic recovery commenced. Investors practiced caution, but Thailand’s economy continues to go strong.  Currently, the country’s economy is built on the finance, business, real estate, automotive and retail industries.  Major international banks and multinational companies also have headquarters in Thailand.

As a rule, expats hired overseas are paid more than expats who are already in the country. More often than not, majority of expats earn more than the locals themselves.

Here are some of the potential jobs, expats can do in Thailand.


Thailand has plenty of job openings relating to teaching. Teachers in state institutions earn a salary of about 30,000 Baht a month while teachers in private schools have a salary range of 45,000 to 70,000 Baht.  To earn extra money, there are numerous Language schools in need of ESL teachers on a weekend basis.

Multinational Company Manager

For expats with managerial background, there are numerous multinational companies operating in Thailand that they can apply to.  It is better to do research on such companies on home turf and submit one’s CV before moving to Thailand.

Hotel, Bar or Restaurant Manager

Thailand is literally peppered with establishments run and managed by foreigners. For those who have experience in hotel and restaurant management, it is best to contact high-end establishments for possible job openings. Large hotel chains and resorts prefer English-speaking operations managers.

Real Estate Jobs

The real estate industry in Thailand is booming what with the increasing number of condominiums being built all around the country more so around Bangkok, Phuket and Koh Samui.  Companies such as Absolute Resorts and CBRE continue to hire foreigners for construction, development and operations management and timeshares.

Freelance Writer/Travel Writer/Web Developer

job opportunities in thailand for foreigners
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Job opportunities for freelance writers, travel writers and web developers are available in Thailand. There are plenty of international websites and publications one can work for to earn a living in Thailand. The market is quite competitive, but there is real money (and flexible time) in these jobs. It is possible to average from $8 to $10 an hour doing these types of work.

Job opportunities for expats in Thailand are extensive.  For PADI qualified foreigners, they can always work as diving instructors in one of the numerous diving resorts in Thailand.

Job openings in foreign embassies and the UN are occasionally offered. The application process and submission of requirements can be tedious, but certainly worth it.

For expats with the right qualifications, there are also job openings with NGOs and other aid-oriented agencies in Thailand. Available positions are funded for a 1-2 year term.

For those with the right product or service, and capital, becoming an entrepreneur is another option.

In a nutshell, if an expat really wants to work in Thailand, he can!




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