Language Schools in Bangkok


An Insight on the Language Schools in Bangkok?

If you are visiting Thailand with an intention of mastering both the written and spoken formats of the Thai language, then the best option for you is learning Thai in a language school in Bangkok. While Thai is one of the most difficult languages to learn, language schools in Bangkok have made it interactive enough for even the novice user to learn.

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Where Does Thai Language Come From?

Thai language comes from a family of languages known as Tai, which is a group of languages spoken in Southern China, North Vietnam, Burma and Laos. Central Thai is the dialect that is most used for business communications.

Language Schools in Bangkok

One of the best ways to master communication in Thai and be able to maintain longer conversations is to attend a language school in Bangkok. The money most of the schools in Bangkok will charge can differ greatly. However, courses that extend yearlong can be far cheaper than shorter courses.

Why Have Trial Classes?

Before you sign up for the course, most of the schools would offer a free trial class, allowing you to judge their style of teaching and figure out if the setup is good for your needs. As every school has its own style of teaching, it is recommended that you try as many classes as possible before making the final choice. Some of the schools may not be following interactive method of teaching and some may not allow any English to be spoken.

Many foreign nationals enroll themselves in language schools just to stay legally in Thailand for as long as their course stretches. In fact, many of the language schools in Bangkok are specially set up to cater to this clientele and run as a pure money making venture. Such schools do not offer quality education. For the same reason, it is not uncommon to hear of people that have studied in a Bangkok language school for more than 2 years and are still not able to speak any Thai!

Importance of Part Time Classes

Many of the language schools in Thailand offer part time classes that ask you to commit just 30 minutes in a day. The major benefit of such language programs is that you can proceed at your own pace. In addition, if you feel you need to repeat a certain class, you are free to do that.

Thai Private Lessons in Bangkok

While the majority of the students prefer to study in a classroom setting, some benefit the most from one on one interaction. Many of the language schools in Bangkok can arrange private classes for you based on the schedule you have. These private classes can even be held at your home.


While Thai may seem to be the toughest language to learn, the real picture is not the same. You can actually start having brief conversations after learning just the few short sentences of daily use. Thais will appreciate you going to a language school and will help you with your accent and pronunciation. While taxi drivers do not always enjoy a good reputation among the tourists, they are the best people you can converse with in order to practice the language and improve your fluency.



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