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learn thai language

Learn Thai in Thailand

Whether you are here for holidays or an expat settled here it gets tough to converse or interact with Thai’s in their native language. Although Thailand is open to western ideas and opinions, but still Thailand is culturally traditional and all of the interaction and conversation takes place just in Thai. Not only knowing Thai make your life easier but it also gives you the distinctive advantage in experiencing Thailand in a more local and deeper level.

There are plenty of institutions and universities available all over Thailand for foreigners who are interested in learning Thai language. It does not only benefit you in conversation but also helps exploring large part of their untouched culture. Best way to learn Thai effectively will be from a native speaker and all of the instructor are well experienced and knows where to start and continue as it moves on. The learning institutes are not only available in Bangkok, although most of the learning centers are based in Bangkok as large chunk of foreigners is based in metropolitan.

learning thai in classes

Universities Offering Thai Programs

Universities which are offering Thai program in Bangkok are Chulalongkorn and Thammasat University. Chulalongkorn provides with introductory courses to advance level course which takes around three hours per day studying every day from Monday to Friday. It goes on for six-weeks. Thammasart also provides with language course, while offering Thai culture programs based on Thai history and culture which are taught in English language.

There are also many other learning centers which are well established and have been teaching for some time. For e.g. Thai Language Hut in Sukhumvit, Bangkok is a Specialist Language School for outsiders needing to grasp learning Thai dialect. Be it talking, perusing or composing we have the capacity to help you learn Thai in a benevolent open environment which welcomes discourse and investigation of the Thai dialect and old society and advanced Bangkok.

Proficient Thai Language Training conveyed in an open inviting way. Understudy centered and adaptable to a wide Thai and Phonetic educational module and numerous profoundly adaptable preparing choices including Learning Thai Online are available to the students.

Also centers in Chiang mai provide with different style of learning. For westerners taking in the dialect it is helpful to utilize Romanized Thai at the amateur (also known as transliteration), yet it ought to be noticed that this system is close to a learning guide. There are various distinctive frameworks of Romanizing Thai, each with its favorable circumstances and burdens.

Learn Thai Living Away From Thailand

You do not have to be in Thailand to learn the language. You can also learn it from home and that’s how it’s possible.

learn thai from a white guy


You can learn Thai at home by ordering a book or  learning online from this website – Learn Thai From A White Guy. It’s one of the most recognized websites in Thailand that makes the process of learning Thai very easy with the use of videos and explanation based on English language. The teacher or Ajarn is a foreigner himself and understands the problem what other foreigners go through.

Learn Thai Via Podcast


thai pod

You can learn Thai via podcast on your mobile phone or iPod or iPad. This is one of the easiest way you can learn the language and at a good pace. Whenever you find time, early in the morning while on a ride to work.

There are many other resources available online such as:



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