Thong Lor Soi 38 Food Stalls to be Demolished by February 2016

thong lor soi 38 food stalls
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The BMA (Bangkok Metropolitan Administration) will remove food stalls from Thong Lor soi 38 building that served the locals and expats living in and around thong lor area for more than 40 years. Thong-lor is one of the most expensive and vibrant places in Bangkok and all you can see nowadays are high-rise condominiums and fancy restaurants.

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One food stall owner informed Bangkok Post  that the owner of the building have been very supportive and has not increased rent in a very long time but since his demise last year his family members would like to transition this place into a modern high-rise condominium. This news caused a stir not only among food stall owners but also among the expats and locals living in and around the area.

One of the customers who come often to eat at soi 38 told Bangkok Post that he can’t afford to eat food in fancy expensive restaurants of Thong Lor everyday and this place was a great option for people looking to eat food at a cheap price in the center of the city.

The food stall owners have been harassed continuously by the Thai Authorities as BMA officials came along with soldiers and police to inform the food stall owners that no one can operate shops on the sidewalk and soon the building will be demolished.

The vendors have spoken with the family members of the building owner to give them extra time  until February 2016 so they can save some money and look for new places to operate their small business.

Bangkok is still a developing city with around 135 of people still living among poverty line.


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