YouTube – A Hit Among Thais


YouTube has achieved another success in Thailand. There has been a massive growth in YouTube usage in Thailand in the last year reported The Nation.

Google eyeing to expand YouTube role in Thailand
Image via The nation

YouTube has plans to extend more deeper into the Thai market by partnerings with phone carriers to provide valuable services for consumers. YouTube has plans to target more audience as YouTube has emerged as important as TV in Thailand.

Thai movies, series, soap operas are all downloaded on YouTube which makes it easily accessible to people along with decent services of 3G and 4G services in Thailand. Thailand has around 45 million people that access YouTube via mobile in Thailand so Google is making a move to make sure that they capture the advertising market of Thailand.

There’s no doubt that the success of Start Ups like Kai dee ( in Thailand is due to online marketing via YouTube making them popular in few months.


The nation


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