Police I Lert You – A New Way to Fight Crime in Thailand


The police in Thailand has created a crime emergency App in iOS and Android – Police I Lert You. 

This App will let users / people to ask for help in an instant. Hundreds of policemen are waiting on the other side to assist people. People need to sign up to the App as below:

police i lert you app sign up window


You can join the App via Facebook as well. If you choose to sign up a new window will appear where users have to fill up all the details.

police i lert you app in bangkokUsers would have to use their Thai ID card number or passport number if you are a foreigner. Users can share their location and also call an ambulance in case of emergencies. The App also has two languages Thai and English. The Thai authorities also mentioned that their aim is to get to people in trouble within 4 minutes.

Some more photos of the App:

The App has been downloaded thousands of time and is the top most trending App in Thailand at the moment.

police i lert you app


Users can complaint or contact the police for different situations like:

  • Food and water
  • Medicine and Doctor
  • Crime
  • Power Supply
  • Route and Journey
  • Corruption

police i lert you app in bangkok


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