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I love traveling but I never go on vacations, ever. I know this to be a fact because I’m not trying to get away from anything. I don’t need to take a break or to escape. I go on journeys of discovery. I go on adventures. I go for the cultural and local experiences. I go to be inspired. I go to meet like-minded people, who share my passion. I dive into anything new and uncomfortable. I travel.

I love airports too. A large part of traveling entails going to the airport, and I’ve grown to love them. It’s not about the planes and the excitement of traveling itself, as much as the emotion it evokes. I have experienced every kind of emotion you can imagine at the Airport. I’ve been nervous, excited, anxious, heartbroken, curious, thrilled, exhilarated, worried, sad, free, scared, and much much more.  I’m sure all of you can relate; whether it is the anxiety and anticipation of leaving your nest for the first time to go study or work overseas; saying goodbye “for now” to friends and lovers, or going on a new adventure with a curious mind and an open heart.

But what I love most about being at the airport, is observing people at the airport; to see their hearts on their sleeves. I always say airports are my favorite place in the world, and they absolutely are. It is the only place where you truly let your guard down, and are vulnerable. It is where you show emotions without inhibition. It is where you lose control of your feelings, and everything becomes crystal clear… and there’s great beauty in that.

This is where it all started; my love for travelling and my love for airports. I’ve combined these two elements and created something I believe to be extremely magical, viaBangkok. It is a non-commercial based travel blog, filled with emotions and inspirational stories from like-minded wanderers passing through Bangkok. If you have the travel bug, love adventure, and want to be inspired, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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