Why People Prefer Drug Rehabs in Thailand


They say Thailand is called the Land of Smiles because of the cheerful and happy nature of its people. Millions of visitors flock to Thailand regularly to experience its pristine beaches and immerse themselves in the rich and exotic culture of the country.

The international community seems to gravitate to Thailand not only for leisure and business but to take advantage of the country’s booming medical and dental tourism. Of late, drug rehabilitation centers have sprung-up from Bangkok to Chiang Mai as undergoing drug rehab in Thailand has become synonymous with effective and affordable inpatient drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation.

people prefer drug rehab in thailand

So why do people choose to go to Thailand for their drug and alcohol rehabilitation and treatment?

Inpatient Program

Most drug rehabilitation centers in Thailand offer inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs. This type of program provides a safe and cost-efficient way for a person to break-free from substance abuse. Inpatient drug rehabilitation affords a caring and secure environment for clients. A rehab center offers a form of “escape” from the rigors of daily living, with inpatients concentrating only on how they can beat their addiction. The rehab center serves as a sanctuary for troubled people.

World-class Facilities

Drug rehab centers in Thailand offer world-class accommodation and modern facilities that offer the best, non-denominational treatment to patients.

Serene, Safe and Secure Environment

The beauty and serenity of Thailand are factors that pull people to choose drug rehabs in Thailand. The inherent friendliness and hospitality of the locals are endearing.

Drug rehab centers offer anonymity and confidentiality. A client’s identity is kept secret. His interaction will be with his counselors, doctors, staff and fellow inpatients.  The environment is quite stable and secure. Any form of temptation that could lead to a relapse is under control.

Structured Daily Living

Getting back on one’s feet is quite hard for those who are undergoing drug dependency treatment. An excellent drug rehab program not only includes treatment, but rehabilitation as well.  Every drug rehab program adheres to a daily routine for inpatients. There are one-on-one therapy, group therapy, alternative therapy, and 12-step support groups at any given time. Healthy eating and living are encouraged. Getting back to mainstream living should not be a problem as inpatients are well-coached by counselors.

Support from Fellow Inpatients

Persons undergoing drug and alcohol addiction treatment share the same predicament, thoughts and fears. Collectively, they go through the same things. This setup brings them to prop and help each other out during their stages of recovery.

Aftercare Program

An after-treatment program is highly important as this phase is transitional.  This will help a recovering addict to get back to his life, family, friends, work or studies. An aftercare program is vital to prevent relapse.

Drug rehabilitation centers in Thailand have zero tolerance for bringing in alcohol and drugs into the center. It has been noted that those who violate this rule were asked to leave the program.

Considering all these, what better place to undergo drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation than in Thailand?




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