11 Things You Didn’t Know About Bangkok


Bangkok has now attained the position of being economic, political and social center of Thailand, as the biggest urban area of Thailand as well as the capital city of the country. Bangkok is such a city that has a lot of architecture in it and the specialty in the Bangkok buildings are basically the temples.

The city of Bangkok turned the core of business in the late 1980s and 90s. A lot of multinational organizations established their businesses in the city during the time of growth of Bangkok. There are a lot of attractive and beautiful locations in Bangkok that receive heavy amount of tourists all over the world every now and then. Due to its culture and fashion, Bangkok is also called the Global City.

There is nothing to describe Bangkok than “beautiful” because of its natural scenes and a number of parks that beautify the city of Bangkok. More than 11 million tourists visit Bangkok each year and in this way, Bangkok earns and generates heavier part of the entire revenue.

However, with all these achievements you must have known about, there are still some things you didn’t know about Bangkok. Therefore, you need to have a re-think, if you believe that you understand all about Bangkok.

Highlighted below are 11 things you didn’t know about Bangkok that may even surprise you…

1. Things are Big in Bangkok

largest gold buddha in the world
Gold Statue of Buddha in Bangkok

Things are big in Bangkok because it is where you can find the largest gold Buddha in the world weighing 5.5 tons at Wat Traimit. On the other hand, Bangkok has one of the largest markets in the world called Chatuchak Market aka JJ market located near Mochit bus station.

2. A Lot of People Live in Bangkok

bangkok crowded

It is not a surprise that a lot of people live in Bangkok. This is for the reason that the more than 13 percent of the whole population lives within Bangkok itself. On the other hand things to see and do in Bangkok attract people to the city.

3. Bangkok Holds a Guinness World Record

full name of bangkok

The Guinness World record for having the longest name of a particular place is held by Bangkok. One of the things you didn’t know about Bangkok is also that the name Bangkok is the shortened version of the ceremonial name of the city.

4. Thai People Operates Six Hour Clock

thai clock

In Khmer, Lao and Thai cultures, the time is broken up into four six hour segments and employs certain expression for each, instead of having AM and PM as obtainable in the Western World. It will be beneficial for you to learn how to tell the time before you go to Bangkok, but not all that necessary.

5. You Could Get Arrested When You Go Out Shirtless

shirtless waiters in bangkok
Shirtless waiters in bangkok

If you are not careful, your holiday antics could get you into problem in Thailand, if you are not familiar with the laws of the country. It is no news however that every country has its own set of unique laws. As it is appropriate and wise to read up on these rules before you travel to Bangkok, there are some rules that you won’t find in the guide books. For instance, it is illegal to walk about in the streets of Bangkok shirtless. Therefore, make sure you abide by this rule while you are in the city.

Shirtless male waiters in Thai cafe’s and restaurants have long been a strategy for Thais to attract more customers, so probably the administrators have been a little easy on it.

6. Royal Longevity

H.M.K. Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand also known as Rama IX has been on the throne for more than 66 years. The most long-lasting contemporary head of state in the world had his coronation on May 5, 1950.

7. Ethnic Diversity

thailand ethnic groups
Ethnic groups in Northern Thailand


Thai traditional performers
Ethnic groups in thailand

Thailand is not all Thai people, opposing to popular opinion. The Thai or Tai ethnic as well as the Chinese do make up the majority, without any doubt. However, close to fifty distinct ethnic groups live in Thailand.

8. Theravada Buddhism

About 97 percent of Thailand populace practices Theravada Buddhism. The belief is more than just a cultural or religion force. Theravada Buddhism seeps into almost every phase of daily life in some shape or form and is not always at the root of many social customs.

9. ว่าง Connotes Vacant

taxi vacant sign bangkok
A red light on the taxi denotes “vacant”

Always check for this short word ว่าง in red lights in the front window of a cab, if you want to take a cab. The fact remains that there is no one in the cab and free to pick up a new passenger, if the lights are on.

10. The Second Most Popular Sport in Bangkok is Sepak Takraw

sepak takraw bangkok
Sepak takraw

When you think about popular sports in Thailand, Martial arts may come to mind. However, one of the things you didn’t know about Bangkok is that Sepak Takraw is the second most popular sport in Thailand. This game is the origins of the sport in the Malay-Thai Peninsula and it can be traced back to the 15th century. Try to catch a match of this popular and interesting game. The action is just fantastic.

This is a sport you must not try out, when you are planning a trip to Thailand. It is an entertaining sport that is basically about kick volleyball.

11. Bugs and Insects

insects bangkok

The real Bangkokians are not fond of eating bugs and insects. It’s only common in the villages and country where people love to eat crawlies.

Despite all you know about Thailand, you will still discover that there are things you didn’t know about Bangkok, looking at what I revealed above about Bangkok. Therefore, you should try as much as possible to learn certain things about Bangkok, whether you want to go and stay permanently there or to spend your next vacation.


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