Bangkok’s New Culture of Food Trucks


With small street carts and roadside stalls serving up some of the best cuisine in Thailand, Bangkok’s new culture of food trucks is nothing short of legendary. The food truck movement is only just starting to take roots in Bangkok, despite the deep relationship of the city with street food. A lot of Bangkok trucks are focusing on Western cuisine, bringing in America-style street food to locals and offering remarkable experience to expats and tourists, taking a nod from the source of the food truck trend.

Establishing many food trucks in Bangkok, using the wheels to supply meals to the common man has been the latest trend of Bangkok’s new culture of food trucks. Hamburgers are at the forefront with different spots serving people with Cajun and blue cheese sauce burgers on black buns.

If you want to experience Bangkok’s new culture of food trucks, highlighted below are the top players to choose from.

Banh Mi Boy

owners of bahn mi boy bangkok

When talking about the food truck role in Bangkok and being a faultless inexpensive and tasty place to have your launch with the best Vietnamese baguette sandwiches ever in Thailand, Banh Mi Boy fills a great vacuum. There are a lot to enjoy from this professional truck including homemade crunchy baguettes, which range from lemongrass chicken to barbecued pork or crispy, veggie, sardines or Vietnamese sour pork options.

Banh Mi Boy located at Sukhumvit Soi 47 across Rainhill Mall Parking Lot
Bangkok, 10110 is delicious and clean as judged by the local press in Bangkok, who have got a short time. Eating at Banh Mi Boy will tell a lot of visitors that they are on the streets in Vietnam or Laos, where these popular and nutritious sandwiches are food for the common man. The hours of operation here is from 11 am-3 pm, Mon-Fri.

Cheesebreak BKK

cheesebreak bangkok food truck

Cheesebreak BKK is an undemanding yellow truck was established by two Americans who are from New York. Their intention then was to fill the empty space for Philly cheesesteak sandwiches in Bangkok. On Nut Night Market, Sukhumvit Sois 79-81 Bangkok, 10260 is the location of Cheesebreak BKK in Bangkok, even though they started out at the Chatuchak Weekend Market.

You will be spoilt with overeat of cheese, pork or chicken sandwiches together with the spicy Thai style French fries. Hours of operation at Cheesebreak BKK is from 5 pm to 11:30 pm daily.

Orn the Road

orn the road food truck bangkok

Orn the road is a leader in Bangkok’s new culture of food trucks. With 28 years stay in Bangkok running a grill, this foreign/Thai duo know their burgers very well while the name of the truck is from Orn (her nickname). Orn the Road is located at Sukhumvit Soi 55, amid Thong Lor 11 & 13 Bangkok, 10110 and it is a bit more professional and outfitted than some of the others you will find out there. Hours of operation are from 6 pm-Midnight, Mon-Fri.

Mother Trucker

mother trucker food truck in bangkok

Mother Trucker is on Soi Kraisi Road opposite the famed Jok Banglamphu. They offer the much needed burger to those in Khao San area and Thaniya Plaza in Silom. Mother Trucker always deliver on offering customers value for their money. After visiting the Mother Truckers, you will never be going home hungry again! They operate from 7 pm-11:30 daily.

Summer Street

Those behind Summer Street are doing things a bit differently, while most Bangkok’s New Culture of Food Trucks has been aiming at the hamburger market. They opened the first seafood truck in Bangkok and dishes out grill-it-yourself barbecued seafood baskets out of a vintage Citroen truck fixed to the sidewalk in hipster Ari.

Those who are behind Summer Street are Thai three young jolly friends who have design backgrounds. Summer Street is situated at Ari Soi 2 Bangkok, 10400. You can craft beer to step down your freshwater prawns at this spot. On the other hand, there is also a table area under a canopy close by, where you can really relax, in addition to the stools at the truck area. Summer Street operates from 4 pm-10 pm, Mon-Fri.

Pizza Aroy

This is the sole food Bangkok’s new culture of food truck whose business is to deliver wood fire oven pizza to the hungry masses with a truck. Pizza Aroy is located at Moobaan Town in Town Soi 4/4 Bangkok. Yu and Willy are the owners of this spot and they sell out on regular basis. They provide people with a wide range of pizzas, including innovative and traditional Thai special. You ca also dig into a pizza Mai Sabai.

You can also take basil dish, spicy gapow spicy chicken, smaller pizza sandwiches and whole pies. Pizza Aroy operates from noon-8 pm, Wed-Sun.

Daniel Thaiger

daniel thaiger food truck in bangkok

If proliferation of Bangkok’s new culture of food trucks is anything to reckon with, then go ahead and blame Daniel Thaiger for all the food trucks now riding the streets of Bangkok. Mark and Honey Falcioni who are Thai/Western couple, initially started the food truck business by acting on the on the complaints of their friends over the lack of good burgers in town, while street food has come to stay in Bangkok. They began their food truck serving gourmet hamburgers making use of top patties with autograph sauces. The location of Daniel Thaiger is Sukhumvit Soi 38 Bangkok, 10110.

Daniel Thaiger started as a small business, but today, it has grown to the level that people now queue up and wait for about an hour to have the taste of the famed burgers, and Thaiger is growing by everyday, with a breakfast burrito service now open and a more permanent indoor location also on the pipeline. Hours of operation here are from 5:30 pm-10:30 pm, Mon-Fri.

Fullmoon Food Truck

Fullmoon Food truck has one of the best cheeseburgers in town. They go to different places on different days so if you want to catch up with their next move, make sure to follow their Facebook page. They inform where they will be the next weekend. Although, they have taken off this summer. Here’s a messge on their Facebook page

fullmoon food truck bangkok message


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