TooNight App Adds Stylish Choice To Make Your Night Legendary Wherever You Are


TooNight APP

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There’s a stylish new addition to the choice of Applications making your night special in Thailand, its vibrant and energetic look considers all options to make your night memorable, it goes by the name of TooNight.

Make your night legendary by swiping through your friends or meet new people around you tonight. See who is where, and decide which plan would you like to go for. You can also let your friends know where you are, with a 6 hours check-in that will make you appear as a proposition to your friends.

How To Use This App?

You login to the App via Facebook and see where your friends and people are tonight. Swipe through your options of people, and decide which one fits your mood. You can write to your friends you would want to join directly within the app.

how to use tooNight app

The app could be used for dating, but is really more focused on meeting friends. It is to be used at those moments where, in a mood of going out, you’d like to make sure choosing the right people. The geo location system of the App works perfectly, and offers a great liberty to user

how to use tooNight app

In this case, you request to see where the person is but you will need him or her to accept sharing location with you. If the person accepts you will receive a message with a location.

block someone in toonight app

block people in toonight app
How to block people

You can also block people in your own network or any person. They will never see you as a proposition.

Why Use TooNight?

TooNight is a networking App to meet people you know for ensuring you have a great time.

Now it’s your turn to make your night legendary.

Have fun. Be Legendary.



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