Why Do Thais Love White Skin


Just take a stroll to a drug store, chemist or supermarket. What do you discover? Shelves lined up with whitening skin products that have been advertised previously in the media. If you look on billboards, watch TV and read magazine or newspaper you will see the number of skin whitening lotions and creams being advertised.

thailand white skin ads
A Thai Model / Girl showing the difference in skin color after using a cream

All these adverts on how to lighten your complexion make the Thais love white skin on one side. Not yet convinced about why do Thais love white skin? Then take a look at a rice paddy or a building site and record what you find. Those people wearing hoods with eye slits are normal Thai workers who are protecting their skin from the sun. This is even commendable when perceived as a precautionary measure against cancer, but what about when this is not the main reason people cover up their skin.

Thai people have taken white skin so significant that those who never take part in the cycle of stereotypes are still affected by its presence. Many people are of different ideas about why do Thais love white skin, but this might be associated to the fact that dark skin can be linked with the working or labor category of people who are into construction, farming and lots more, while white skin is associated with the upper category of people who can afford to pay the dark skinned people to get their work done for them. Therefore, it is just a thing of status.

The Thais love white skin because they feel that the white look is high class, and the dark skin signifies a lower class person. As a matter of fact, it is not every Thai that wants to have white skin at all cost. There are still a lot of Thais who are proud of their skin color. After all, your skin color doesn’t matter. The trend and why do Thais love white skin is actually set by both the media and the cosmetics brand as a result of advertising skin whitening products consistently.

All cosmetics brands and media have set the white skin standard by telling people repeatedly that white skin is good-looking. As a result, Thais want to be attractive by having white skin. Hence, they keep patronizing the advertised products.

In addition, if you look at the models in a Thai fashion show or watch any TV commercial in Thailand, you will discover that almost all the actors are light skinned by the help of cosmetics and by intention. The Thais especially women like white skin because they believe that white skin appears cleaner. For this reason they do everything possible to appear white or light skinned. That is why they go all out to buy all sorts of whitening products to make them white.

Everybody is seeking to improve what nature has offered, particularly in a country where standards of beauty carry particular weight. Both men and women alter the work of nature in order to have artificial beauty. Skin lacerations or serious infections are usually the result, because the body will definitely react to all these unfamiliar substances in the long run. When there is persistent infection or irritation, this will be very difficult to cure.







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