5 Places to Visit in Khao San Road


Khao San Road is a small road in the metropolitan area of Bangkok and it is a frequently visited place for tourists in Thailand. Due to the cheap drinks, accommodation, food, unmistakable party, crazy environment and laid back scene, travelers on budget are drawn to Khao San Road.

This small road has a lot of accommodation, guest houses and hotels. There clubs, pubs and bars that make up the exciting choice of travel agents, nightlife and dive shops that work as your guide to Thailand. In addition, its restaurants serve different types of international cuisines. Take it or leave it, Khao San Road is full of places to visit when you get to Bangkok, Thailand.

Discussed below are 5 places to visit in Khao San Road without any regret of doing so.

Adhere the 13th

Adhere the 13th is a shophouse blues bar on Khao San Road where different live performances occupy its small stage every night, ranging from jazz to blues as well as the flavors along the line. These acts comprises of famous percussionists, guitarists and musicians who just happen to be rolling through Bangkok with a quirk and backpack.

The narrow space of Adhere the 13th has been converted into a bar at the back with high tables by the side, and low chairs and tiny tables in the front. In a nutshell, this place is so small that you have to walk through the band to get to the bathroom. They have quirky staff while there is such a fun including vibe that you cannot help but have a wonderful time.

Adhere the 13th opens daily from 18:00 to midnight with Bangkok Connection (the house band) takes up the stage from 21:00 till midnight. The heady mix of blues loving Thais, expats and backpackers flows onto the street on the night of Friday and Saturday. Therefore, be there early to secure a seat. There is a full list of drinks with cocktails or beers, while a weekend grill menu is also provided, but the fact is that everyone is at this venue to enjoy the music.

Bombay Blues

bombay blues khao san road

Bombay Blues is one of the popular Indian restaurant in Bangkok and one of the best places to visit in Khao San Road. It serves all favorites such as tikka masala and butter chicken. Bombay Blues also has the most delightful ambience, in case you are not convinced enough with the food. This restaurant has a posh, deep red interior design with soft pillowed cushions as well as floor mats for guests to lounge on. Bombay Blues also serves drinks and cocktails, in addition to the great Indian food.

This brightly colored but faintly lit restaurant also offers a lot of indian dishes, thai beer and flavored shisha. Look forward to paying a little above the odds for the food, but this is like any situation such as ordering Farang cuisine, which is still cheaper than Burger King along the street. If you are in search of real Indian food that that targets the Thai India Community and hasn’t been westernized, there are plenty of options in Bombay Blues.

The Roof Bar

the roof bar khao san road

Roof Bar or nothing special by definition is a small third-story bar located halfway down Khan San Road. It entertains guests with live music and this is what makes it one of the most foolproof venues to enjoy a good evening while in Bangkok. Depending on the night, the stage accommodates one or two-man band churning out old music on electric and acoustic guitar.
Roof Bar is full of both locals and tourists belting out lyrics over the veranda, by midnight. Roof Bar to my surprise is perhaps one of the more relaxed venues located directly on Khao San Road, but with an indisputably moderate and fuzzy vibe.

My Darling

my darling in khao san road

Try My Darling, if all you want is where to have dinner before you hit the buckets. It is a nice environment with nice music not too loud, particularly for tourists and foreigners sitting there and enjoying their drinks until midnight. My Darling has fruit shakes, cocktails, pasta and Thai cuisines. The Vulcano Chicken at My Darling is second to none while their waiters are just excellent.

You can never go wrong with any of the curries, especially the creamy and smooth massaman kai. With all its hospitality, My Darling is above all competition. The service is fast and most of the waiters can’t help but giggle gratefully, if you can speak a little of Thai.

Brick Bar

brick bar khao san road

Brick Bar is a stylish bar on Khao San Road where you will get drunk with locals and Thai music. Brick Bar is decorated in an old Western tone that can accommodate about 1,200 people. You will be entertained by various bands featuring Ragge and Ska music. From Monday to Saturday from 11 p.m. Teddy Ska – one of the coolest bands in Bangkok will entertain guests. Other bands that make up the 8 brands of performing artists at Brick Bar are; Ped, Prod-khun-na, Tawiphop, No Bra, Tamone and Gold Red.

3 brands perform everyday as scheduled below:
• 8.00 p.m. – 8.30 p.m.
• 10.00 p.m. – 10.30 p.m.
• 12.00 a.m. – 1.30 a.m.

However, make sure you arrive on time to secure a seat in a place where you will have a clear view of the artists.


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