Gym Bangarang | Fitness Bootcamp in Chiang Mai


Having a good holiday couldn’t pass without a little bit of adventure and challenge.
If you want a unique holiday in Chiang Mai Thailand which you will never forget then you shouldn’t miss the amazing Gym Bangarang, place where fitness and weightloss go hand with hand with fun adventures.

The beginning of the journey of Gym Bangarang started back in 2014. The main goal of Gym Bangarang is to give a novel preparing knowledge in Fitness & Weightloss, Muay Thai and MMA. Set in rice fields of Mae Rim and Chaing Mai, their qualified staff give unique, lifetime, expert experience instructions when it comes to high-vitality workouts and energetic support. Their main moto is to set goals that they won’t only reach, but also surpass.
The training which is offered in Gym Bangarang is not only for beginners, but also to professional which gives this gym a total new level of uniqueness.

However, the surprises do not stop there!
For their beloved students,Gym Bangarang offers accomodation in private bungalows giving solace and remarkable cleanliness principles. The camp advantages do not stop there. If you are guest in the camp then you will also be able to visit the clothes shops where you can get the equipment you need for your training and also go to the Gym Bangarang Restaurant where you will be served extremely healthy food which will have a great benefits on your fitness program.

Another thing that also should be mentioned is that Gym Bangarang offers a sponsorship project to add to the abilities of youthful, cutting-edge competitors, and to give the chance to battle for those inspired by Muay Thai.

But in case you are more interested in extreme and yet fast, weight loss then Gym Bangarang has something just like made for you. One of their most popular programs is fitness bootcamp which is synonym of 7 days and 7 nights of diligent work with a blend of military and conjugal expressions style wellness works out. It’s the most fun approach to accomplish your wellness and weight reduction objectives and way of life changes. With the help of the experienced coaches who will work with you, you will able to accomplish your wellness & weight loss objectives. Every day you will be served delicious, solid menus cooked by their restaurant of healthy food and in no time you will be in the best shape ever!

All in all, professionalism is a law in Gym Bangarang and the needs of the students are always on the first place. In case you are seeking this kind of a challenge which will be not only a good adventure, but also change your life, health and body, Gym Bangarang is a place that shouldn’t be left out from your schedule when visiting Thailand.




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