Huge Bomb Explosion in Bangkok


A bomb explosion in the city center Bangkok at ratchaprasong intersection has devastated many people around the world. At least 20 people are reported dead and many injured as per BBC Thai.


Here’s a video of the aftermath of the destruction caused by a TNT explosion in the Erawan temple where many tourists and locals pay respect everyday. It’s one of the most crowded and touristic temples in Bangkok.



Sources said that it could have been done by the insurgents in south but nothing specific has been investigated yet by the team. This is a first time in a decade that a bomb blast in Bangkok has affected so many people. #prayforthailand


Pictures of the aftermath:

blast at ratchaprasong in bangkok
Blast at Erawan Temple
massive explosion in bangkok erawan temple
Aftermath of the explosion in Bangkok
massive blast at ratchaprasong bangkok
Chaos at Ratchaprasong after a bomb blast
blast at ratchaprasong
Blast at Ratchaprasong
explosion aftermath in bangkok intersection rachaprasong
Explosion aftermath in Bangkok
aftermath of the explosion in Bangkok
People laying on the ground after the blast


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