Imaginia Playland – Paradise For the Children!


If you are travelling to Bangkok with your children then we have an excellent news for you!
There is a great venue where you can take your children and make them to forget about getting in troubles and causing you headaches!

Imaginia Playland was opened in 2015 and its location is the third floor of the The Emporium Department Store in the EmPlayground Zone with 19 play areas (on even 1400 square meters) made to amuse your children while you are taking a time for relaxation.

There is also an Art Gallery where you can find masterpieces from all the parts of the world, DJ Canopy Station where you can listen the talents of some young Djs, the Imaginia Town Hall with a huge screen for story telling and even more fun are the Dream Jungle, Dragon Cave, Time Tube Slider, Shadow Forest, Builder’s Studio, the Knight’s Circle, Art Cabin and many more things which will give your children joy like never before.

Imaginia Playground Bangkok
Imaginia Playground Bangkok

Well, this could cut off your relaxation for reading those books to your children, but believe us, you will enjoy those books even more than them!

Another interesting area for the kids that for sure will hold their attention longer than ever is the Wonder Car that is made for the kids to design and color a car from their dreams only from a touch screen which is not only fun, but also healthy because it helps the children to increase their creativity and imagination.

Imaginia Playland is much more expensive than the most of the places for kids to play in Bangkok, but please keep in mind that the prices are not that high without a reason. Imaginia Playland is a real paradise for the children because there they are having a blast since they are able to have fun without hearing their parents yelling at them “Don’t do that” or “Don’t touch it”.
All in all, in Imaginia Playland the children are able to have fun without worries!



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