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long table bangkok thai restaurant

Long Table Bangkok in Asoke is an exclusive restaurant is situated on the 25th floor of Column Bangkok hotel. It serviced apartment building- planned in modern style with open terrace providing fantastic panoramic views over central Bangkok. Long Table Bangkok creates a unique and first of its kind restaurant experience in the whole world. Long Table will be the first Destination Thai Restaurant, based around the awe-stimulating sight of the best available restaurant dining table that will absolutely change your opinion of Thai cuisine.

Long Table Bangkok has been established as Bangkok’s most excellent Thai restaurant which its unique experience has really transformed the view of the local cuisine for all guests that have dined and wined there.

Long Table Bangkok is a hidden jewel standing tall over the city. In addition, the panoramic view is infuriated by the wistful house beats that roll from the glass portico into the night sky. There is a bar with lounge seating, a bar and an open terrace for outdoor drinks and a 25-meter long timber – the main feature in the main dining area. Also available are main bar serving cocktails, extensive wine cellar and highly regarded Thai cuisine. DJs provide growing upbeat tempo as the night progresses.

Long Table Bangkok seats almost 70 people as it is believed to be the longest table in the world. Without doubt, this bar seeks to reestablish the drinking and dining experience in Bangkok. The décor is a real treat, comprising complex lighting, dimly light hallways and the clever deception of mirrors to form delusion of more space. A chilled glass of wine or chic cocktail is available for those who are looking for a unique and remarkable experience. Long Table Bangkok will never fail to electrify.

long table bangkok
Long Table Bangkok

Long Table is carefully zoned into 2 areas including the bar area and dining area. The dining area is has a 2.5-meter long table, which is why the bar is named LONG TABLE. On the other hand, the bar area is located on an open-air balcony with a pool. This zone lets you have a clear view of Asok area. Long Table provides dining on bed with neon red decorating the entire place with a taste of enthusiasm.

Long Table offers promotion of buy one and get one free from chosen sundowner dinner menu and drinks. They also have a widespread menu of western and Thai cuisines, apart from their promotion during happy hours. You will have reason to return to Long Table Bangkok for magnificent view of Sukhumvit by the pool, while having a drink with friends during happy hours.

If you are a lover of wine, you will enjoy wine at Long Table because there is a long list of wine with the cheapest price. Without doubt, Long Table Bangkok is a wonderful place for gathering with friends. The environment arouses relaxing happy chat with your friends. Long Table is not a bad choice, if you are planning to take your overseas friends for dinners with cheap food and a view.

Events at Long Table Bangkok

Long Table caters for different types of events. Hence, there are quite a range of options and packages available to cater for your needs, if you want to choose Long Table for a future function or event you can contact them by going here – http://www.longtablebangkok.com/contact.php

The Dress Code

Smart Casual is the dress code at Long Table. However, Birkenstocks, flip-flop, tube tops, spaghetti strap, athletic clothing, sleeveless and tank top are not allowed. Compliance with dress code at the bar and dining areas are respectfully enforced at all times.
You will never regret your visit as you will be treated to the best hospitality you will live to remember for as long as you live.



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