May Kaidee Vegetarian Restaurant in Bangkok


May Kaidee vegetarian restaurant that started as a small catering shop to backpackers near Khao San Road is the best known vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok. May Kaidee now have three locations – one in Chiang Mai and the remaining two in Bangkok in addition to a cooking school. This vegan and vegetarian eatery serves meat-free adaptations of traditional Thai dishes such as steamed noodles, banana flower salad, curries, som tom and pad Thai.

may kaidee vegetarian restaurant bangkok

May Kaidee is one of the popular and most favored eateries by both omnivores and vegetarians on Khao San Road. While May Kaidee operates the Bangkok end of the business, the sister runs the May Kaidee branch located in Chiang Mai. The two branches provide a variety of cooking classes starting from the basic Thai curries to making of tofu.
May Kaidee is from the Isan district of Thailand and that is obvious in her recipes. With its lack of coconut milk and preference for scorching heat, salty flavors and sour punches, Isan cuisine is most akin to Lao cooking regionally. Even sugar that can overwhelm many central Thai dishes features far less. May Kaidee is well-known in Thailand for her cooking schools and vegetarian restaurants. This café has been serving vegetarian food in Bangkok for some years at their location sited at the Soi East Road.

The food at May Kaidee is flavorful, fresh and stuffed with all the vegetables you could possibly want. You can also learn how to make these dishes. However, if you don’t have interest in learning how to prepare these dishes, you should at least eat them. The menu features a dizzying collection of stir fries, curries, sides, starters, soup and salads. Also available are red curry, tom yam soup and banana flower salad.

The café is signposted very well but it is just a small place beside the road between Tapae Road and Chiang Moi. It is a quiet place and they didn’t have much custom which can only improve as the word gets out. The food at May Kaidee is as excellent always. It is all Thai food but there are some other interesting options and spicy salads that you may not have seen on a standard Thai menu. It tastes great, cheap and delicious. You can also attend the Sunday buffet to relax your nerves.

Go to May Kaidee if; you are in Khao san area for whatever reason, you have ever had a Thai curry and thought that it is so delicious or perhaps you want attend the fuss free Thai cooking class that will boost your knowledge in cooking Thai dishes.



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