10 Types of Expats in Bangkok


Quite a lot of expats like living in Bangkok because there is so much to love about the city. Some of the foreigners visit Bangkok for holidays and simply end up living here, while others are expats recruited from overseas and some come here for other reasons.

Discussed below are 10 types of Expats in Bangkok.

The Retirees

the retirees expat in bangkokBangkok is an attractive place to retire because of high standard of medical care, low cost of living and beautiful beaches. The condos of Pattaya and Phuket are jam-packed with retired couples, at the same time as expat bars all over the country are filled daily with single male pensioners enjoying all that Thailand has to present.

The Executives

the executives - expats in thailand

The executives are the rarest types of expats in Bangkok because they visit the city of Bangkok when they are on holidays. These guys, bankers and other executives live a high life because they earn salary that would make them wealthy even in a Western country. On the other hand, the majority of other expats would trade places with executive trait in their mind.

The Digital Nomad

digital nomad expat in bangkok

This is an expat in Bangkok that is completely location independent. He is a virtual tenderfoot in the Internet age and earns his or her income online. Digital nomad is the jack of all trades and master of all. They are web programmers, drop shippers, SEO experts, graphic designers and lots more. In a nutshell, there is no job that digital nomad cannot do.

Long Time Expats

long time expats living in bangkok

You will know immediately that something is wrong somewhere, after your discussion with this type of expats for only 10-15 minutes. Soon enough it becomes consciously clear that they need to travel back home just because they have serious issues. Don’t ever speak Thai or mention the Thai culture around been here for a long time expats because they will correct your every word and tell you repeatedly that they know everything about Bangkok.

The Entrepreneurs

entreprenuer expats in bangkok

The entrepreneur expats have found their ways to Bangkok to make money. Often times these types of expats in Bangkok is waiting for opportunity to open up Thailand as an export market for their products, or seeking the next big thing to sell in Europe and North America. The entrepreneur operates the collection of the prosperous and successful businessman.

The Haters

haters - expats in bangkok

These are expats who make complaining a lifestyle, forgetting the fact that Thai logic is always incomprehensible and things work differently in Thailand than they do in the West.
The hater expats dislikes living in Thailand more than anything else, except, it looks like living in his fatherland for the reason that he never actually leaves the country he so hates. Therefore, as long as there is someone around to listen, the complaints continue. You are therefore advised to get yourself dislodged from the conversation as quickly as possible when a hater begins a chat.

The School Teacher

school teachers in bangkok

Found mostly on the MRT or BTS wearing a badly fitted shirt, huge sweat patch on their back with their black trousers a few inches too short and showing the white socks they are wearing, the school teachers are the easiest type of expat to spot. They always put on an unresponsive face with their eyes glazed over as they are heading home to the apartment that they share with their girlfriend.

You can find the school teacher expats everywhere, beginning from the center of Bangkok to the most secluded corner of Isaan. Some are career educators, while many are serious about their jobs.

Mr. Middle Management
school teachers in bangkok

Mr. Middle Management is quite lower than the executive, but sometimes misguided for him by the people who can’t tell a pricey watch and suits. Mr. Middle Management lives a comfortable life, but not all that magnificent. Mr. Middle Management expat in Bangkok manages high-end restaurants and hotels or towering office complexes all over Thailand.

The International Expat

international expat in bangkok

The International expats are those who are in control of lucrative jobs in Bangkok. As a matter of fact, they are in Bangkok because it moves their career forward and as a result makes a lot of money at the end. Apart from the fact that international expats long for some stability and comforts in their new place of abode, they also feel affection for the exciting activities of being in a foreign country.

A lot of them have families and will go back to their home country or where they came from in the long run, despite the fact that some of them feel affection for with their new surroundings because they need safety and indispensable infrastructure like schools, hospitals and lots more.

The Sexpat

sexpat in bangkok

As far as the expat terrain is concerned, the sexpat group of expats in Bangkok are the most loathed and best-known human beings. Sexpat loves bar girls and always go to different bars of Thailand to enjoy himself with some bottles of beer. His sexpat set of people are his friends. Peek-density takes place within and around Pattaya.


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