Best Places to Meet Expats in Bangkok


It is quite interesting to reside and work as an expat in Bangkok as it is a multi-cultural city. Bangkok is blessed with many expats in the last 5 years. It’s not a city has sexpats only. People come here to work in many different industries as the economy is booming in Thailand. Although, there still aren’t many job opportunities for foreigners but still they somehow manage to get a teaching job or an education visa to stay in Thailand. Expats come to Thailand to meet new people and learn more about the South East Asian culture.

Bangkok is the hub of all the events and activities in Thailand and also boasts the most number of expats (not sexpats) in Thailand. There are many cool places to hang out and meet other expats.

Highlighted below are some of the attractive places where expats can be found in Bangkok.

Meet Ups

The meet up website has the majority of the members expats. Meet up community has many activities from Bangkok runners group to Yoga group to tech savvy group. All you have to do is sign up and join the group, whenever there’s a get together you will receive an email notification, depending on your availability you can join the event and meet new people. meet expats in bangkok

Events and Activities for Expats

bangkok expat meet ups is a community to meet expats in Bangkok. They have events and activities where expats gather. It’s a good organization / place to build contacts and build relationship with fellow expats in Bangkok. The get together’s are usually held in top class locations in Bangkok. Find out more about the next get together at

Meet Expat Women in Bangkok
expat women in Bangkok

As many women are coming to every month, chicky net is a community of expat women living and working in Thailand. Chicky net is a social network for women in Thailand. The community opened its sublet in Bangkok in 2010 which started as a Facebook group has become a big community for expat women in Thailand.

Bars and Pubs

Quite a number of expats can be found in different bars and pubs located in different places in Bangkok. Some of these bars and pubs where you can find expats are

  • Cheap Charlies
  • Saxophone Pub
  • Q Bar
  • Wine Connection
  • Zaks Wine Pub
  • Bed Superclub and lots more.

Cheap Charlies
This bar is situated at Sukhumvit Soi 11. Expats who want to enjoy their lives always gather at Cheap Charlies and without exaggerating, the bar is jam-packed with expats from across the globe at about 7 pm. This is the best place for you if you are an expat on budget because beer, wine, mixed drinks and other things come at affordable prices.

Thong Lor
Thong Lor is another interesting place where expats are gathered in Bangkok. It has quite a number of trendy restaurants, exceptional choice of up-market as well as more than a few attractive joints to drink and while away the night. Plenty of tremendous sushi, ramen, and izakaya joints are available in Thong Lor, in view of the fact that a lot of Japanese expats lives there. Without mincing word, Thong Lor is one of the entertainment streets of Bangkok with trendy clubs, boutique shops, elegant bars as well as restaurants all types of foods you can ever think of.

Some of the best bars Clubs and restaurants in Thong Lor are:

    • Iron Fairies
    • Paste Restaurant Bangkok
    • Sole Mio restaurant
    • Taper Bangkok restaurant
    • Bad Motel Bar
    • Fat Gutz Bar in Bangkok
    • Demo Night Club
    • Do Not Disturb (DND) Club
    • Nung Len and Escobar Club

Khao San Road

Khao San Road is another place for expats. It is a notable place in Bangkok where travelers converge to exchange tales and do some shopping. There are limitless cheap tattoo shops, market stalls, bookshops, travel agents, massage parlors, restaurants, clubs, bars, and much more on Khao San Road. There are also a lot of places on this road for those who love attending parties to choose from. You can start your journey from Khao San to Phra Sumen Fort and Sathi Chaipakran Park on Phra Arthit Road.

This amusement street offers many bars and restaurants that serve drinks at cheap prices. A lot of mobile bars will occupy the roadside, selling varieties, after the sunset. This is an excellent way to start the night before walking through the street to see what the clubs have to offer.

Sukhumvit Area

Sukhumvit Road turns into paradise on earth, particularly at night. There are varieties of clubs, bars, and other night spots in Sukhumvit area to meet new people and expats in Bangkok. Soi 11 of Sukhumvit area is home to great clubs and funky bars.
Some of the clubs and bars in Sukhumvit are:

  • Batch Night Club
  • AmBar Bangkok
  • Beer Vault at Four Points
  • The Comedy Club Bangkok
  • Glow Night Club
  • Grease Night Club
  • Levels Club & Lounge




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