Cabbages and Condoms – Authentic Place That You’ll Never Forget!


Cabbages and Condoms – the name says it’s all, it is a very unique restaurant which will never leave your memory. It is a huge restaurant themed around condoms in order to promote awareness and prevention of pregnancy or HIV.

Their motto is: “ Our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy” which sounds fun, but yet the purpose is stunning which has attracted international attention.

cabbags and condoms restaurant bangkok
Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant Bangkok

Out of that, this unique restaurant which has an intimate beachside atmosphere, offers an excellent selection of traditional Thai food with vegetables, fruits and traditional herbs which can be found in the garden and the farm which is owned by the restaurant itself. Sounds amazing, right?

The ambient, as we already mentioned, is intimate and very romantic with open-air setting overlooking the beach.One of the most interesting things perhaps is that the path towards the restaurant through the garden is laid with different messages and the decoration of the trees.

Many clients consider this restaurant to be the most unique and extraordinary restaurant in Bangkok not only for its theme and purpose, which supports various development activities of the Population and Community Development Association (PDA), but also because you are able to sit and relax beside the windy seaside, listening the sounds of the waves and eat dinner which taste will definitely take you back there every time you visit Bangkok.

cabbages and condoms restaurant in Bangkok
Cabbages and Condoms

They describe this restaurant as some of the best restaurant they have ever visited because of the tasty food and the view that left them breathless.When it comes to the stuff, we have to mention that they are also very nice and professional and we can assure you that they always give the best for their clients to be 100 % satisfied.

They are always around in case you need something while eating and they are not slow or acting like they haven’t heard you as many other stuff around the world does, which gives even better image for this authentic and delightful restaurant.

When it comes to the prices, many people say that it doesn’t matter much when the food is extraordinary which is the case of Cabbage and Condoms, but here the good news: here the prices are extremely affordable! So in case you want to visit this unique and funny restaurant, but you are worried about whether you could afford it or not, do not hesitate anymore because the prices will definitely surprise you in a very positive way!

We hope that this was very helpful for you and that now your doubts about where you should go to dinner in Bangkok are erased.

This restaurant is always here to give you a joy like you never had before and you for sure wouldn’t regret for spending your appreciated time and money in this place. Have a blast! 🙂

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