Chonburi Buffalo Festival

chonburi buffalo festival 2015
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The 2015 Chonburi Buffalo Festival is taking place from 24th to 26th October at the Ceremony fields, opposite Chonburi City Municipality Office. This event is held annually and has been taking place from the last 140 years. This event is being hosted in the Chonburi region of Bangkok. Chonburi Buffalo Festival is an exhibition of culture to show how happy the buffalos are.

Farmers come together to participate in one contest or another, including fashion, beauty, and lots more. If you are a tourist to Bangkok, Chonburi Buffalo Festival is a must watch as it is action packed and astonishing.

There are various programs being lined up for this great event. This three days long festival will come with varieties of interesting activities being designed to exhibit the importance of buffalo; like parading of well-decorated buffalo carts, Buffalo fashion contest, the healthiest buffalo competition, and lots more, apart from the all important buffalo racing. Other activities of the day as designed by the able organizers are the Thai Martial Arts Competition, Amulet Competition, and Miss Farmer Beauty Contest.

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With these various events and activities, both locals and tourists have something to enjoy at this festival. In the past, it was funfair for the locals as they gather together to rejoice and celebrate the beginning of harvest for the new season.

The sight at Chonburi Buffalo Festival is truly extraordinary and exciting. The multitude growl as they hail their favorite buffalo when the race starts. As remarkable as this festival is, hotels around Pattaya and Chonburi are now being offered with special discount price to encourage people, particularly visitors. If you are planning to take a trip to Thailand between 24th – 26th October 2015, make sure you are bulky enough to be part of this festival.

Those who own buffalos never take Chonburi Buffalo Festival with levity hands because they know that attractive prizes await the best performing buffalo. The event is also an opportunity for food vendors to exhibit the best of Thai cuisines and if you love eating out, there are different types of Thai and other dishes to choose from. These varieties of food are for both the locals and visitors alike. Children to the festival will also have great fun as there are snacks, sweets, and rides for them. Music lovers will also have Chonburi Buffalo Festival quite interesting as popular musicians will perform live.

I will advise that you should not forget your camera at home as the festival is an opportunity to snap amazing photographs that you will live to remember. This festival is worth seeing and that is why you must not miss the forthcoming one slated for October. Don’t be left out of this even, book an accommodation around Chonburi before the D-day to avoid rushing!

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