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It is nothing new that Bangkok is a dream destination of thousands of people from all around the world. They all want to move or visit this amazing city at least once in their lives and the reason for that is that because there’s so much to be seen here. There’s so much to be heard here. There’s so much to be tried here.

However, moving to Bangkok or any city in Thailand is not easy especially when you get ripped off by locals when you are new. Accommodation is probably by far the biggest issue when it comes to that. You should find accommodation that you actually like so you would feel comfortable while you are there, but also you should do that within your budget which again – is not an easy task.

In this post we are going to give you a handful of websites when it comes to finding the right accommodation for you.

So let’s first talk about what types of accommodation that exists in Bangkok…

First of all there are a number of apartments and condos which are very comfortable and at the same time luxurious. There are a number of places where you will find expats renting condos like sukhumvit road, soi Ari and phahonyothin road and many more places. These are the places where you will find more expats and not many Thais. But there are other places where you will find mostly Thais and not many foreigners like Ramkhamhaeng road are etc. (P.S. there is no place in Bangkok that you will find no expats). Land of smiles is full of expats so you will have a lot of opportunity to meet new people where ever you go. Places where expats live are relatively expensive than where the locals live so if you are new and have a limited budget there’s no harm living with the local neighborhood and learn something new about them and make some new Thai friends.

But now probably you are asking yourself how can I find those apartments and condos and how can I rent them?

Do not be worried about that at all. Here in this post we are going to point out a few websites that you should check in order to find the right choice for you when it comes for your accommodation in Bangkok:


craigslist find bangkok apartment

Craigslist is popular everywhere and here in Bangkok you will find a lot of listings on apartments. It offers you a large choice of apartments and condos that you can rent while you are here in Bangkok. There are options where you can choose what kind of apartment or condo is the best for you. For the lovers of pets, there is even an option where you can find those places which wouldn’t mind if you bring your pet with you.

DD property


This is another great website where you can find accommodation in Bangkok. All you need to do is to select what kind of accommodation you would like to rent, in which area and what is the minimum and the maximum price that your budget allows you for your accommodation.


mrroonfinder find accommodation in bangkok

The name of the website says it all – this website is a place where you could find a wide range of condos and apartments which are the best fit for you and your budget. You can make your choice by the number of rooms, property type, location and of course the price.

The Bkk Residence

Here you can find extremely amazing condos and apartments that definitely will catch your eye. They are luxurious, comfortable and affordable! You can buy, sell or rent properties here. Not only they have apartments or condos, they also have office space, commercial space ads.

Thai Apartment

website to find apartments in thailand

Thai Apartments are brokers who will help you find the right accommodation for you as per your needs / wishes. They have a huge database of properties in Thailand. They help you with buying, selling and renting properties all around Thailand particularly Bangkok.

Facebook Group – Bangkok Expats

Finally, last but not least – this Facebook group has over 35,000 people where you can take over lease from other people or people will help you guide find the right apartment as per your wish. As 95% of the members are expats people help recommend you places according to your budget.

Venus Thai Property

Venus thai property

Venus Thai property has many a number of properties listed which can definitely fulfill you wishlist. You can buy, rent or sell your properties in Thailand using their services.


We hope this was helpful for you! Good luck! 🙂

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Kristina is a 21 years old student of Faculty of Arts, department of Philology. When she was 17 she left her home country, Macedonia, and moved to Bangkok, Thailand which she thinks is her home. She has been in Bangkok for 4 years now. She fell in love with Bangkok because of its seductive charm and diverse culture, as she says no other city in the world has. Her passion for writing and her enthusiasm and knowledge of Bangkok's lifestyle got interlaced which later made her way to Bangkok Expat Life.


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