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Chinatown in Bangkok can be found on Yaowarat Road and it is full of so many attractions and things to do in Bangkok. Chinatown is always busy because there are restaurants, market stalls, and gold shops located there. If you are one of those who eat out, you will definitely get your choice because apart from the fact that it is one of the notable tourist attractions in Bangkok, it is also a food joint for both visitors and locals who visit there after the day’s work to relax and search for different kinds of foods.

Whether you are new to Bangkok or you have been living in Bangkok, Chinatown is a must-visit place and an experience you cannot afford to miss.

Chinatown is always full of commercial activities throughout the day in different shops, stalls and stores. Buying and selling continues until sunset or when the vendors have had enough of selling. At night however, the crowds converge on Yaowarat Road to look for what they will eat, see or buy. Food vendors are already waiting to serve their numerous customers different types of food. No matter your tribe or country, there is always good choice of food for you in Chinatown Bangkok.

The aroma of the food, both eccentric and well-known is enticing. You can taste or sample some of the local delicacies like home-produced tamarind tamarind ice cream, kuay jab, jab liang, dim sum and crepe Yipon. Your visit to Chinatown in Bangkok will give you the chance to try something different, particularly tasty and tantalizing food. Without much ado, Food tours of Chinatown Bangkok are worth experiencing at least once in a while.

Chinatown in Bangkok also offers unique shopping opportunities, which is invariably another great thing about visiting the place. If you are an enthusiastic shopper looking for a good deal, you will be delighted with the quaint market stalls, and a far cry from the modern malls of Chinatown. Precious gemstones, gold and exquisite fabrics are the major commodities on sale in Chinatown of Bangkok. Part of the local culture is bartering, and for you to have a good deal as a visitor, you must have a good bargaining power; this is part of the unique experience offered by Chinatown Bangkok.

Yaowarat Street Food Tour (Chinatown)

This is the local most wanted dining district as well as the most popular street in the world. It is a place notable for Thai culture and Chinese food. For the duration of food tours of Chinatown Bangkok, you will visit and sample local foods from renowned eateries, ranging from Thai-Chinese restaurants to street food vendors. With different types of food opt for and many things to discover in the Yaowarat Street food tour, Thais who are from other parts of the country cannot even do without involving themselves.


The tour that will last for hours and will help people and visitors to know the secret of Chinatown via its charming old tradition and a variety of tastes. Without mincing word if you are looking to experience those street of Bangkok that you cannot afford to visit, the Yaowarat Street food tour is just your best bet.

Small Group Food Tour of Chinatown Bangkok for Food Discovery

Chinatown Bangkok is wealthy in all the five senses. You will never be left out of any part of this small group food tour of Chinatown Bangkok because a local will be on ground to guide you although. As a matter of fact, the journey will begin all the way from Ratchawong Pier, where you will visit the old markets in Yaowarat. The tour will then continue to Wat Road and go on to Yaowa Phanit Road, where leather and plastic products are displayed.

This is of course a tour of the ever busy Chinatown where you will have the opportunity of seeing the locals doing their businesses. The next point of visit from the industry is Wat Traimit Temple, hard to believe a place where there is always something for you to do or see. The temple boasts the largest seated Buddaha all the way from the Sukhothai period. It is in this museum that you will find Chinese Museum and you will be taught the history of the Chinese people in Thailand as well as the captivating rapport between China and Thailand.

The food is the next! You will take a trip to Phat Sai Road to see the old coffee shop of more than 100 years old. This is where you will be offered snacks, and coffee. While at this place, you will go to the marker that deals in fresh food and Chinese religious products. This place is always jam-packed with different stalls selling diverse kinds of foods. With second to none Chinese restaurants available, you can opt for any type of food you like.

Having satisfied yourself with the best food of your choice, the journey will continue to the night market in Saphan Phut where different products are sold. There are bags, shoes, clothes, second-hand products, antiques, and accessories displayed for sale at the Saphan Phut market. If you so desire, you can have your portrait painted as a memento. This food tour will equally take you to Talat Pak Khlong, which is the biggest market for bulk flower and vegetable in Bangkok.

Evening Street Food Tour of Chinatown in Bangkok

It is a food excursion you will live to remember because Chinatown is not only a diverse district, but also one of the liveliest places of attractions in Bangkok. On this evening food tour, you will go to different restaurants and street food stalls, where you will get tasty and tantalizing dishes. However, a local expert will put you through to make things easier for you throughout the journey.

The varieties of menu you will likely come across on this evening street food tour of Chinatown in Bangkok are; Chinese Bun, Lychee Ice Cream, Dim Sum, Grilled King Prawns, Chinese herbal drinks, Black Sesame Dumplings with Ginger Tea as well as the Succulent Duck Cheek.
You will snap photographs at strategic and attractive places in Chinatown Bangkok because it is among the most camera-friendly neighborhoods. This is a 3 hours adventure of food jamboree, cultural and religious landmarks. If you like you can take this tour alone but with a meeting at your hotel to guide you or with other people who like food. With food tours of Chinatown Bangkok, you will have the opportunity of tasting some of the tantalizing and tasty foods from renowned vendors of many years of experience.

Typical Food Dishes in Chinatown Bangkok

Food tours of Chinatown in Bangkok will entail a number of the interesting tantalizing dishes, with about 30 to 40 percent of the number of people living in Thailand having Chinese lineage.

Steamed Barramundi and Morning Glory Stir-fry

When food tours of Chinatown in Bangkok take you to Steamed Barramundi and Morning Glory Stir-fry, you will be amazed because it is a place for complete Thai-Chinese cuisine. This is a good place to enjoy fish n sauce. One amazing thing is that the sauce is very light and makes a great addition to the soft flesh of the fish.

The morning glory stir-fry, garlic sauce and steamed barramundi in lime are also better options of Chinese cuisines you can enjoy on your food tours of Chinatown in Bangkok. This makes the food tour of Chinatown in Bangkok an interesting one.

Pomegranate Juice

You can get pomegranate juice that is freshly squeezed on many stalls and the juice is sold in small plastic bottles. Pomegranate juice is without doubt a second to none beverage in the whole of Thailand. It comes with revitalizing flavor and it is fine and spanking new.

Chicken Intestine on Skewers

Chicken intestine on skewers is tasty and enjoyable. It is actually chicken feed, particularly with the viscous stuff within. You can also opt for chili, eggplant fermented fish on your food tour of Chinatown in Bangkok for an exposure and eccentric experience.


Cendol is a dessert specially prepared with jelly that looks like worm and it is a combination of red beans, corn bits and it is typically green from food coloring, everything engrossed in iced coconut milk and made sweet with palm sugar. Cendol is chilled, sweet, and light. No other drink can be as great as cendol.

Slow-Roasted Noodles

There is also a must-visit place on food tours of Chinatown in Bangkok. This place is renowned for slow-roasted noodles and it is frequently patronized by food enthusiasts and foodies that are based in this ever busy area. Slow-roasted noodles are prepared cautiously and industriously. Quite a lot of people on food tours of Chinatown in Bangkok are eager to have a taste of this stuff. This noodle dish is not made through stir-fry unlike a good number of dry Thai noodle dishes. The broad rice noodles were roasted in a huge fire as an alternative. Slow-roasted noodle is tasty and enjoyable.

Dough Balls filled with Sesame Paste in Ginger Soup

This is another tantalizing Chinese cuisine you will come across on your food tour of Chinatown in Bangkok. This is an exceptional dish that will captivate you and cap off your food tours of Chinatown in Bangkok. This meal is nothing but soup dish prepared with dough balls packed with sesame paste. This preparation have ginger taste and it is rich, creamy and the flavor is almost peanut-buttery.

Of course, there are a lot of Chinese restaurants and shops where you can dine and wine in Chinatown. Highlighted below are Chinese restaurants where you can enjoy palatable food in Chinatown. These are two popular streets where you can enjoy different kinds of food in this amazing place

Soi Phadung Dao Street, Chinatown Bangkok

Seafood Paradise – This is a place where you can buy a variety of shellfish and some other seafood. This seafood stall is situated very close to Shanghai Mansion.

Kiya Meng Khanom Waan – If you want the best of Thai cuisines, Kiya Meng Khanom Waa is your best bet. Their sweet potatoes with ginger are second to none!

Yim Yim – This is the best joint for crab claws scorched in a sashimi and clay pot.
Chinese Mooncake – This restaurant is sited on Mangkon Road and it is known for incomparable Mooncake.

Kui Jap Nai Ek – This is the best place where you can get nourishing superb rise noodles and exceptional pork dishes.

Thai Heng Hainanese Cuisine – As far as Chinatown Bangkok is concerned, this is a must-visit place for the best Hainanese food.

Khao Tom Plaa – This restaurant is located in Ratchawong Road and it is renowned for delicious soup.

Chay Po Rice – This restaurant boasts of Chai po rice – one of the uncommon dishes in Chinatown in Bangkok.

Chinatown Bangkok Mangkorn Road

Mangkorn Road is another destination for tantalizing Chinese cuisines you will ever live to remember. Some of the joints on Mangkorn Road, Chinatown Bangkok are highlighted below:

Jay Puy Curry Shop – This is a good place where you can enjoy tasty dishes. This joint is always full of customers who want to have a taste of the food offered at this restaurant, in view of the fact that there are no tables there.

Nai Mong – This is a renowned place for incomparable fried shellfish. You will enjoy mussels and oysters in this restaurant.

Plaeng Nam Road

Khun Thot Kun Chiang – If you have passion for sausages, this is the best place to go for Chinese type of sausages.

Khanom Jeep Wat Yuan – This is another good place for the best Chinese cuisines. It is a place where you will see food vendors selling Chinese steamed dumplings.

Jay Loon – This is a local joint that serves second to none Chinese food prepared on charcoals.

Here is the completion of the food tours of Chinatown in Bangkok where many types of Chinese dishes were discovered on different Chinatown roads and restaurants. You must have learnt one or two new things at the end of the day. It is a remarkable and wonderful experience to embark on a food tour of this magnitude.

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