GuavaPass – Find Gyms and Fitness Studios in Bangkok


Bangkokians are already among the most active humans in the planet – Thais ability to lighten up a dance party is well renowned. But with the explosion of boutique fitness studios across Bangkok finding the right gym could be a little daunting.

GuavaPass is one of the largest community of fitness studios in Bangkok from Yoga to Muay-thai, Dance to Pilates, they have it all. Now you do not need to sweat and find studios yourself, all you have to do is to login to GuavaPass and use their recommendation to find the best fitness studio for yourself.

I don’t think there’s a person in this world who doesn’t want to be in good shape. However, even though many of us do want to be in a perfect shape, the reality is that to have a perfect shape you really have to put effort in it. You have kick out the junk food and instead eat fruits and vegetables.

Nevertheless, the struggle to have the shape of your dreams do not stop there, you also have to be very physically active and go to fitness studio, for example. So talking about fitness studios let us introduce to you some of web-directories for the best fitness studios in this area – GuavaPass.

GuavaPass was launched in early 2015, this year and it gives its clients the chance to find the right place where to work out. GuavaPass works with Fitness Partners, so all you have to do is just sign up with them and look for the right fitness center for yourself.

For example, there is a studio named Level, where you can do a good workout session, then try the ride pack named CruCycle or even get some relaxation time with yoga at Updog Studio.

GuavaPass is definitely a unique website where you will be able to find boutique fitness studios in Thailand. Now you do not need to search on Google about it, you can find fitness studios at GuavaPass and what they offer.

For many people, this sounds like mission impossible, but GuavaPass is definitely the place where you can find a fitness studio where working out and having fun go hand with hand. GuavaPass works with selected fitness studios across all verticals. All you have to do is go there, get a subscription for the right fitness studio and do not stop until you are done!







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