Isao Sushi Bar- Mixture of Tradition and Contemporary Japanese Food!


Isao Taste Bar is another great place that you should definitely take a look at when you are visiting Bangkok.

Isao Sushi Bar Bangkok
Isao Sushi Bar Bangkok

It is a sushi bar which is inspired by their talented master chef “Isao” whose style of cooking was based on the originally traditional Japanese food especially sushi.

Here you will find the Japanese culinary charm which will leave you breathless and craving for more and more. The food is prepared with fresh ingredients originating from Japan which definitely offers you to taste food like you can only taste if you are in Japan!
So for the true lovers of Japanese food this place is literally Paradise on Earth!

In addition, the ambient here is very relaxing and joyful that gives a whole new level of excellence to this amazing Japanese bar.

The service is always fast and professional and the clients are always on the first place. The stuff is always seeking to satisfy their clients’ needs and wants.
It doesn’t matter if you are a tourist or a local inhabitant- here you will always get what you deserve- the best service ever!

isao sushi restaurant bangkok
Long Queue at Isao Sushi Bar Bangkok

The place is something where tradition and modern times meet in shape of unique taste and appearance, because their food not only taste good, but also looks good! It’s literally like trying to seduce both of our senses- taste and vision, leaving us breathless!

When it comes to the prices, which is a weak spot for many of us, do not worry at all!
They are definitely affordable and down to Earth that is even surprising considering the amazing taste of the food and the great service that you get there!
So in case you are hesitating which Japanese place you should visit when you are in Bangkok, Isao Taste Bar should definitely be on the top of the list because it’s like a dream come true for every lover of Japanese food!

Many customers which were there are claiming that they will always get back there when they visit Bangkok because what they found there- mixture of tasty and good-looking food, excellent service and a relaxing ambient, is something very rare to find in the world of today!
Isao is a master chef who has variety of talents when it comes to Japanese food and does know how to use them!

This bar is unique, joyful, affordable and ready to give its best anytime!
All you need is just to go there and have fun!


Check out some of the dishes they have

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Isao Bar Bangkok
Fresh Oyster and Quail egg
Regular tempura roll
Regular tempura roll
Isao Sushi bar bangkok
Blanch Spinach with Sweet Sesame


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