Kisso Japanese Restaurant Bangkok – Japanese Food in Elite Way!

kisso japanese restaurant in bangkok
Kisso Japanese restaurant in Bangkok

For the majority of people from all around the world, Japanese food is like some kind of art made for both: their eyes and their stomach.

In case you are around here, in Bangkok and you are lover of this kind of food then we are happy to give you a suggestion to visit some of the best restaurants of Japanese food in Bangkok – Kisso Japanese Restaurant.

With 20 years of existence this restaurant to this day owns some of the best menus of Japanese restaurant that your will ever see!

Here you will be able to try the traditional Japanese food made with ingredients directly transported from Japan. For the quality of the food talks a lot the large-experience of their chef Shinsuke Yonekawa who honed his  craft with posts aboard a cruise ship and in Philippine and also used to work in some of the most elite restaurants in Tokyo and Osaka.

When it comes to the ambient which is offered in this amazing restaurant with contemporary décor, we are able to say that it is very intimate and loving so in case you are looking for a tasty Japanese food, but also for some good relaxation- this restaurant definitely would be the right choice for you.


The area of Kisso is also very big and it can accommodate even 110 diners, all of them separated in private rooms, sushi bar and western style tables.

Most of the customers that have visited this restaurant claim that they always come over and over again because the impressions which Kisso left to them are even more than extraordinary.
Starting from the food which is authentic, fresh and with excellent quality through the staff which is always polite and professional- ready to provide you the best service ever, till the extra relaxing atmosphere, this Japanese restaurant in Bagkok is by far part of the elite.

However, the best part I’m yet about to tell you- the prices are super affordable!
If you are worried about going there and then get some bill that you would just stare at and wish you weren’t you, then erase that worries immediately because that’s not going to happen!
As I already said, the prices are super affordable and reasonable and you definitely wouldn’t regret for having some great time there.

We hope this review was a great help for you and now your worries about where you can eat your favorite food are somewhere in the past.

We guarantee that the joy you will have there will be worth for both: your time and your money.
So do not wait any longer, Kisso is waiting for you!


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