KU DE TA Izakaya Restaurant – The Joy is Guaranteed!


There are variety of places that you should visit when you are going to Bangkok, some of them are like paradise for your eyes, others for your stomach.

kudeta izakaya restaurant
Kudeta Izakaya Restaurant Bangkok

KU DE TA Izakaya Restaurant belongs in the second category – paradise for your stomach.
It is a very popular restaurant of Japanese cuisine which offers authentic food and service.

With two eateries, a rich mixed drink bar and pumping move club, provincial feasting spot Izakaya is not the first foundation to be said by a great many people; all things considered this vivacious, easygoing eatery is unobtrusively turning into a destination in its own right because of some genuinely incredible dishes at shockingly great quality.

Ku De Ta izakaya restaurant food
Ku De Ta Izakaya Restaurant Food

The word Izakaya has an origin from the very old and popular Japanese tradition of energetic, rural diners with a lively and benevolent environment. KU Dé TA’s interpretation of the idea starts with the same estimations of solace, unwinding, and time-respected strategies for Robotayaki charcoal barbecue flame cooking, and lifts it with an open kitchen, the freshest imported fish, and premium Japanese drinks on tap and also a stunning menu.

The varieties of sushi offered in this restaurant which is located in Sathorn,- even 40 floors above the town, make you always come back to try each one of them. Something which is also very interesting about this restaurant is that it takes the method of Binchotan charcoal cooking and the fish are directly imported from Japan and grilled in Bangkok.

With a column of comfortable stalls lined up against the floor-to-roof windows, Izakaya is made for eating with a major bundle of companions stocking up on sushi moves before hitting the club or slurping down a major dish of ramen when you’re all moved out. There is a column of high seats running the length of the kitchen like in most sushi eateries and some littler feasting tables for couples. Anyplace you sit, the splendid lights of Bangkok sparkle on far underneath you to include a touch of urban style to you’re feast.

The stuff which is employed in this impressive restaurant in Bangkok is also very sophisticated as the restaurant itself is and yet professional and easy to communicate with. They are always on disposal, ready to give their best for you to have a blast and joy. The prices are also affordable, so do not worry about that at all!

If all this information sounds good to your ears, do not hesitate anymore and go in Izakaya. The joy you will have there is more than guaranteed!

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