Lab Ramen Burger – The Kingdom of Burgers in Bangkok


Probably there is not a single person in this world who doesn’t like eating fast food. I mean, there are people who claim that they like eating healthy food, but the reality is that even though they hold themselves, they are still dying for some tasty burger.

People in Bangkok, like in every part of the world actually, like eating fast food too. They love eating some tasty burger not only when they are in rush, but also when they are relaxed and have lots of time. The reason behind that is obvious – burgers are super tasty!

In case you wonder where you can find the tastiest burgers in Bangkok, then let us introduce to you Lab Ramen Burger, the real kingdom of burgers in Bangkok! The truth is that it is a new restaurant in Bangkok, opened in August (2015), but is already on the top of the list when it comes to burgers in this amazing city.

Lab Ramen Burger offers burgers with buns prepared from pan-fried house-made soft ramen with a crisp exterior, taste that will never get pale in your mind!

There are 20 types of burgers available in Lab Ramen and some of them are served with sauces like mayo- and- teriyaki along with rocket and fried shallots. Even better is that you can also choose beef and pork patty!

All you need to do is just take a look at their official Facebook page, to get more profound in what Lab Ramen Burger offers and in case you make this choice, you should just take a ride (or maybe some walk, why not?!) to Nana Asoke and get your favorite burger.

The taste you will try there is something that definitely will get you back there. The ambient is also friendly and simple, yet professional and ready to prepare your burger experience like you have never experienced before! So what are you waiting for?! Go and get it now!






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