Top 3 Ladies Night in Bangkok That You Shouldn’t Miss


They say that ladies should always be treated right. No matter what there’s one rule that says “Ladies come first” and probably it really should be like that. In some clubs in Bangkok this famous quote is taken for granted in every sense of the word, it really is like a some kind of law.

There are drinks for extremely low prices for the ladies, there are free tickets or even, in some cases, free shots. This is something amazing for those ladies who just want to go out in this beautiful city and have fun till the sun rises up. Ladies’ nights seem to be always extremely remarkable and fun, that’s why here we are going to point out top three ladies night clubs that you should definitely give it a try when you are in Bangkok!

1. Hi-So at Sofitel So – Wednesday

hi so sofitel restaurant and bar ladies night

Hi-So are hosting ladies night every Wednesday and when they do, they really make sure that all the ladies there get special treatment like they have never got before.
There are special deals for many drinks such as cocktails and bottles of Champagne.
The place is extremely fashionable, but the best of everything in Hi-So is the view of Bangkok that you get from there. It literally is breathtaking!

Location: Sofitel So, North Sathorn Rd, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand 10500
Contact: +66 2 6240000

2. Ku De Ta – Wednesday

ladies night at ku de ta in bangkok

Probably this is the hottest club in Bangkok and same as Hi-So, they also offer special treatments for the ladies every single Wednesday. They not only have the best deals when it comes to the drinks, but the music there is always extremely catchy and it is almost impossible to stay calm in this club. It always drives you crazy until you start dance like you have never danced before.

Location: Ku De Ta, North Sathorn Rd., Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand 10500
Contact: +66 (0) 2108 2000

3. Axis & Spin – Wednesday

axis and spin bar ladies night in bangkok

Last, but not least here is another bar which offers a real paradise for the ladies every Wednesday night. The bar is located at the top floor of The Continent Hotel so the view which is offered there is even more than spectacular. There you can enjoy free drinks, different kind of cocktails and even something very unusual and unique: a chance to get a free handbag from famous designers such as Gucci, D&G, Armani etc.

Location: Axis & Spin, 38-39/F, The Continent Hotel Bangkok, 413 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok
Contact: +66 2 686 7000

No matter which one of these amazing ladies night clubs you’ll choose remember to always go with your girls and have fun like there’s no tomorrow! 😉


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