Super Fast Food Delivery in Bangkok


food delivery service bangkok
Food delivery probably is the best invention in the history of food business ever. Why?
Well imagine you are like super tired or you simply want to spend some time home and you have to go out to eat… Sounds awful,right? However, thanks to the food delivery we don’t have to deal with that at all.

All we have to do is to grab our phone and make an order and in no time it will be delivered to us. When it comes to food delivery Bangkok has big companies that provide a good service. They are always very efficient and fast which is something really great because who would like to wait like two hours to get the food they want, right?

Even though traffic is a major issue in Bangkok, food delivery companies always get to their destination on time. You do not have to waste your valuable time stuck in the traffic in Bangkok.

Here are 6 food delivery services in Bangkok that you should definitely give them a shot:

1. Food Panda

food panda hot deals and promotionsTheir motto is that the delivery should be always extra fast and very fun. They are one of the biggest food delivery company that has many restaurants under their banner. Promotions are often available on their application.

Contacts: 026435336


2. Food by Phone

Food by phone has partnered with Food Panda and has many more restaurants under their umbrella since the two biggest companies has joined hands. You can contact them or call them at the below phone number.

Contact: 026634663, 026634680

3. Chefsxp

chefxp food delivery

Another food delivery service that delivers the food to our offices and homes. The ordering process is super easy and the delivery is super fast! Again, you can order your food by phone call or online.

Contacts: 1767


4.JJ Food Delivery

Food delivery service which will deliver to you some of the tastiest food in Bangkok in no time. JJ food delivery can deliver it’s food pretty much everywhere in the city but delivering in suburbs could carry extra charge. You can call them or contact them online to know more about their delivery zone.

Contact: 027123000


5. GoTasty
go tasty food delivery service bangkok

Go tasty offers super fresh and tasty food delivered right to your home, office or wherever you want! They are efficient, fast and tasty! Sounds amazing, right?

Contacts: 02105404


6. Passion Delivery

Passion delivery is a food delivery service of Artisan products like beef, chicken or wine or steak straight from the Butcher’s to your door. All you have to do is call them and place an order. Passion delivery has teamed up with many companies that provide premium quality products.

Contact: 0963544624


The great thing about the restaurants in Bangkok is that all operators speak in English which means that the expats and tourists that come to Bangkok wouldn’t have any problem when it comes to ordering their favorite meal.

Food delivery could be done a 24 hours, placing an order depends on the working hours of the restaurant itself.

In some of the restaurants the charge about the delivery is very small, but in most of them there are no fees at all!

So if you are super hungry now and you don’t have to drive all the way to your favorite restaurant, all you need is just to place an order in via the companies listed above. It is even better that the choice is very wide so you could taste different cuisines, even from different cuisines – not only Thai.

You can taste Italian food, French food, Greek food, Indian food… The list is countless, just pick some restaurant and order it now. You definitely wouldn’t regret it. 😉


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