The Best Bars and Clubs in Thonglor and Ekkamai


When people hear Thonglor and Ekkamai nightlife, their belief is that it is all about big bills. Thonglor and Ekkamai are the excusive real estates of Bangkok, but you don’t have to break the bank before you patronize any of the bars and clubs. There are a number of the bars and clubs in Thonglor and Ekkamai that are hip, urban and upscale.

Highlighted below are some of the best bars and clubs in Thonglor and Ekkamai that you should visit if you are in Bangkok or a true Bangkokian

The Water Library

The water library is a new and original watering hole that brings the art of mixing to a new height. It is a notable place for cocktails that are the idea of the creative Mirko Gardelliano – an Italian mixologist. Not just that the Water Library has its own fusions like the gin with basil or homemade vodka with chilies, they feature exceptional pours with fascinating names.

Desi Beats

Desi Beats is is sited at Soi 10, a place that usually feature series of entertainers and musics like the Glam and Bombay Blues, which are fashionable shisha and drink bars.

In addition, Desi Beats is a well decorated place with modern amenities specially designed for the enjoyment of visitors to the place. On the other hand, there is a beautiful and properly arranged place where you can chill; otherwise you can choose the relaxing sofas on the rooftop deck. Desi Beats bar focuses on colorful exotic cocktails, flavored shisha pipes and Asian fusion food that are accompanied by international tunes and a Bollywood soundtrack. Also available at the bar are party and dance nights featuring different artists, and this happens on holidays and weekends.


Badmotel is second to none in Thong Lor, when it comes to music entertainment. Therefore, if you are addicted party goer who have passion for music of different types, you will have Badmotel satisfactory. There is no way you will ever have a dull moment because it is party with varieties of musics from different musicians and DJs for thew whole night.

Food is available, mostly Thai. For this reason, you will eat to your satisfaction without breaking the bank. However, the drinks is the main reason for visiting Badmotel, apart from the crowd and the vibe. The cocktail menu is widespread, there is Japanese whiskey, craft beer, while Badmotel also serves up homemade ya dong – herb infused medicinal Thai moonshine.

Funky Villa

Look no further than Funky Villa if you want to see the young, pretty and moneyed up hi-so. The décor and appeal of Funky Villa is even more highbrow and classy. Without mincing word, Funky Villa is a must visit place, if you want to have value for your hard earned money. this is in view of the fact that it is a small London or you are not exaggerating if you call Funky Villa a Paradise in Bangkok because of its appealing appearance.

Apart from the fact that the category of crowd at Funky Villa comprises of youth, they have a lot of money to lavish on drinks and foods.  Furthermore, this is a joint where you will have more than sufficient bottles of whiskey to drink to your satisfaction, even as guests dance to the music of popular Thai bands all through the night. You won’t have problem parking, despite the crowd. Hence, don’t be afraid to bring your car.

Iron Fairies

Iron Fairies is a much talked about bar that lives up to its hype. Iron Fairies is a peculiar mix of Gothic Victorian fantasy where blacksmith’s forge meets bar gallery. The décor is tremendously weird and interesting and the drinks are compelling.

The food is also on the epicure end, and a lot of people consider Iron Fairies to prepare the best hamburger in Bangkok, complete with brie cheese and a knife entrenched in the patty and bun when it arrives at your table.

Shades of Retro

Shades of Retro is recognized for its outstanding drinks. This is such a pleasant place where your satisfaction is surely guaranteed. The customer service is excellent and you don’t have to close your bank account to have a wonderful moment at Shades of Retro because everything comes at affordable prices.

Another interesting and great thing about this place is that you will enjoy popcorn without paying a dime, and the caiparinhias are the best you will discover outside of Brazil. Without doubt, Shades of Retro is an exceptional place to chill out.

Demo Pub

Demo Bar is in Thing lor arena 10, very close to the nightlife attraction that increases in population and welcomes more visitors every week.  You can easily locate Demo Bar because it is located in a conspicuous place. Demo Bar is adjudged one of the peaceful bars in Bangkok. Therefore, you have no cause to panic when you visit this fashionable nightclub.

Demo Bar admits only decent people. No wonder the security always demand Identification Cards from guests before they are allowed into the bar, even if you are gorgeously dressed.  This bar is a good place to dine and wine with your loved ones as there are places where you can have privacy.

Although drinks don’t come cheap at Demo Bar, but an interesting and good thing about the bar is that, you can return the drink you don’t exhaust on one night back to the bar for keep. You will be issued a ticket to be used to recover the drink within a month.


Sway is a bar & restaurant located in the bustling Arena 10 complex, on Thonglor Soi 10. Besides the food (best wings in Bangkok!), drinks (craft beers & strong cocktails!), and music (Hip-Hop!), Sway has one of the best patios in the city. Grab a cocktail, kick back, and watch how the city’s trendsetters let loose. With Demo & Funky Villa nearby, there is no shortage of eye candy! Check out Sway’s Facebook page for weekly food & drink promotions, and be sure to check this place out if in the area!

722 Craft Experience

Craft beer and delicious food is always a great combination. 722 craft beer serves craft beers, cocktails, whisky and one of the best burgers in Bangkok. They have live band and some days they play R’ n B’ music.





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