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It is not a secret that we are living in the era of the internet. Thanks to it we have access to things that we couldn’t even imagine that they exist.¬†Just with one click we can find out so many interesting things that could make our life way more fun in a country where you do not have any friends.

Social networks are by far the most popular websites on internet. People just like meeting new people and join new clubs or do activities with them and so on and so forth.

Well, www.meetup.com is a website just for that!
It is the largest social network of local groups where they organize each other or find some that is already existing and get into activities that they all have in common.

They say that the mission of this website is to help people change their own world or the world in general. Sounds like a huge goal, isn’t it?

Well, but they really are working super hard to reach that goal.

Here are 9 groups that you might consider if you want to join this website:

1. Yoga

This group is for all those lovers of yoga. It is about people that organize each other into groups and practice yoga. Some of them are there because they want a new hobby, others because they want to work on their spiritual health- but the truth is that all they deep inside are there because they seek peace.

2. Speak English Club

The name says it all – it is a group for the fan of English language and literature. It is a great place for English teachers to expand their knowledge and meet other people who work in their field. In fact, it is an excellent place for everyone who wants to improve their English!

3. Runners

You are one of those people who like to lead healthy way of life and spend a half hour every day running? Well, then this group is the right one for you. Here you will be able to find company and make your running time super fun!


For all the members of LGBT or their friends or family members who want to support them- this group is perfect for that.
Here you will meet new people from the LGBT community and who knows maybe even find the love of your life!

5. Tango

Dancing Tango is a pure art, but sometimes if you do not have the right partner for that could be a real hell even if you are an expert in that. Tango group is for all those people who want to improve their tango moves or learn tango as a beginner.

6. Book Club

Lately the number of book lovers have significantly increased. People simply love get deep into some book and disconnect from the real world at least for a few hours, but later when they get back in the reality they still want to share their impressions about the book with someone. Here you will be able to find a bunch of book lovers, happy to hear your impressions and share theirs with you.

7. Bangkok Vegan Group

People come to Thailand thinking that it’s a Buddhist country and vegan food would be available everywhere, however, this is not the case in Thailand. Thais are big time meat eaters which is good but not good for people who come to Thailand with that intention. This group is for people looking for like-minded people to celebrate the job of being in the minority.

8. Bangkok After Work

Bangkok after work is a great place to meet locals or expats. If you are new to the city this group is a great place to meet up new people. The meet up is usually on Wednesday or Thursday at 7 p.m.

9. International Travelers

This group is a great place to meet people who have traveled or plans to travel. Meet new people who have traveled around the world and looking to meet like-minded people and share their experience of traveling. Some have weird stories to tell and some have exciting stories.

There are way more groups that you could join on www.meetup.com , but if we reveal everything the surprise wouldn’t be so interesting so just take a look at it by yourself!

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