12 Vegetarian Dishes That You Must Try During Bangkok’s Vegetarian Festival


Bangkok’s vegetarian festival is a festival that could give you joy like you have never had. There you could meet the Thai tradition through numerous spectacles, meet new people and have a lot of fun, but they do not call it vegetarian festival without a reason! It is simply a festival where you could find tones of Thai vegetarian dishes that you literally would lick your fingers clean after you finish it.

However, the choice of vegetarian dishes during the vegetarian festival in Bangkok is pretty large and even if you want to try everything, I doubt you could.

So here are 12 vegetarian dishes that are MUST during the vegetarian festival in Bangkok:

1. The Broccoli Burger

brocolli burger

For all the lovers of fast food or burgers in particular, this dish is something that definitely shouldn’t be missed out. It is consisted of patty with broccoli and quinoa that are perfectly bound together into a broccoli burger which will seduce your stomach on the first bite.


2. The Baby Carrot and Avocado Salad

The Baby Carrot and Avocado Salad

You have to admit that the name of this dish is super sweet, right? Well, the dish itself is even sweeter! There are flavors like orange, coriander, fennel and lime juice complement the crispy baby carrot and creamy avocado… Dish that you must try!


3. Spring Rolls

Here we are talking about super tasty noddle stuffed deep fried springs rolls that literally will take your breath away.

thai veg spring rollsTry it out with your beloved ones!


4. Pad Kra Pao Tao Hoo

Thai basil chicken (it’s just called chicken but actually it’s soybean) with tofu which is pretty similar like Indian paneer / cheese is the dish which is named under the name “Pad Kra Pao Tao Hoo”.

Pad Kra Pao Tao Hoo It is very delicious and it literally melts in your mouth, so in case you have some doubts, this dish is highly recommended!

5. The Khao Pad Nam Liab

This dish is made by fried rice with Chinese black olives yet without much saltiness and a lot of lime, chili, pan-fried tofu and pickled vegetables.

The Khao Pad Nam LiabIt is a vegetarian dish which is quiet unique and yet delicious. Try it by yourself!

6. Peanut Candy

Peanut Candy

This candy is… just WOW! It is super sweet and it is something that every fan of candies must try it out. You could order it as a dessert after the main meal!


7. The Yum Saab Gai Gorb

Mmm… Seems like the name says it all! This vegetarian dish is extremely yummy! It is unique by its spicy, sweet and sour sauce along with a super yummy fried chicken! You could order it with some quality red wine!


8. The Club Sandwich

 Veggie Club Sandwich

The famous club sandwich in a vegetarian way! You definitely should try it out! Here the mixture of tofu and turmeric is replaced by the typical boiled egg and it also goes along veggie bacon, lots of crispy iceberg lettuce and avocado which gives the sandwich a special taste.


9. Vegetarian Salad

vegetarian salad

Sometimes simplicity is even better than something which is super complicated, the proof of that is this amazing vegetarian salad!

It is pretty simple (made of lettuce, cucumber slices, tomatoes, thin slices of tofu and a half boiled egg), yet is super delicious!

10. The Vegan Pizza

vegan pizza

Here is something for all the lovers of Italian food yet with some vegan touch! It is a pizza topped with vegan cheese that melts as soon as it gets in your mouth! Give it a try!

11. Morning Glory

morning glory thai food
Usually morning glory is stir fried in fish sauce but this could also been done without the fish sauce in vegetable oil.

12. The Papaya Salad

vegetarian papaya salad

Now this is one of the most famous dishes in Thailand from the north-east. Usually it has shrimps and fish sauce in it, however, during the vegetarian festival the fish sauce is replaced by vegetable oil and extra peanuts for shrimps (no replacement for shrimps). Apparently, even without shrimps it tastes wonderful.

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