25 Restaurants in Silom Area


In Silom there are a lot of restaurants of standard and repute where you can dine at any time of the day. These restaurants prepare different cuisines to suit the need of their numerous customers. They prepare both local and international cuisines for your delight and enjoyment. The international cuisines available in Silom are Mexican, Japanese, French, Italian, English, and lots more.

Discussed below are 25 Restaurants in Silom that will offer you tantalizing experience.

1. Bug and Bee

This restaurant is sited next to the Saladaeng sky train station. The restaurant offers fusion food and drinks which you can enjoy in the 4 floors of the restaurant overlooking the Silom road. As a matter of fact, Bug and Bee get the supply of their coffee from the far north of Thailand, together with abundance of tea and smoothies as well. The menu at this restaurant includes tasty crepes, in addition to both western and Thai cuisines on the substantial menu. Cakes and snacks are also available at this standard restaurant.

Contact: +66 (0) 2632 8883
Website: http://www.bugandbee.com/02ourshopSilom.htm


2. The Chocolate Tales

The chocolate Tales is located at 399/4 Silom Road and if you are not conversant with the place before, you will not know that it is a restaurant. If not at the counter you will see, you won’t know that there is something spectacular happening in this small but spectacular restaurant. You can only see just a small symbol outside, indicating that Chocolate Tales is a restaurant, whereas there are many things to enjoy in this unique restaurant. Apart from the freshly baked cakes and the jelly sweets, the amazing and the comfortable ambiance makes Chocolate Tales a great place to have a bite of tantalizing food.

Contact: +66 (0)2 234 0210
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thechocolatetales


3. Breeze Restaurant

If you are looking for a fine location to dine and wine on a special occasion, look no further than Breeze Restaurant on floor 51, on top of Lebua Hotel, Silom Road, Bang Rak. This restaurant is special for its mouth-watering Chinese dishes. While the menu at Breeze Restaurant spans the whole Asian continent, there are amiable staff members on ground to create exceptional service. The restaurant is open in the evening from 18:00 to 1: 00 a.m. and last orders are at 11:30 p.m.

Contact: +66 (0) 2624 9999
Website: http://www.lebua.com/breeze


4. 22 Kitchen & Bar

You can locate 22 Kitchen & Bar at 22/F, Dusit Thani, 946 Silom Road, Bangkok. It is a notable restaurant for refreshing French food. It occupies 22 floors and that is why it is named 22 Kitchen & Bar. There is a lot to enjoy at this restaurant including the tasty food and the conducive environment. Eating at this restaurant offers you a good beginning, particularly if you are not familiar with Peruvian dishes. This food is prepared in such a way that you will be licking your fingers when you eat it because it contains certain ingredients that distinguish it from other cuisines. Even though the origin of the dish is South America, but it tastes India and appears Spanish. There are varieties of the dishes you can order for when you get to this restaurant. In the alternative, you can call the restaurant on phone number  to

Contact: +66 (0)2200 9000 (#2345)
Website: http://www.dusit.com/dusitthani/bangkok/dining/22-kitchen-bar/


5. Eat Me Restaurant

When it comes to international restaurant in Silom, Eat Me Restaurant is highly regarded and popular. The restaurant is a promise of something special and spectacular. You can find this restaurant at 1/6 Pipat Soi 2, Convent Rd, Silom where delicious foods mixes with live entertainment from popular musicians. It is a place for lip smacking fresh international food, high-quality drinks, and some tantalizing desserts.

One unique aspect of this restaurant is that, you will always get the food of your choice, as there are 50 delicious choices available to choose from. All you need to do when you get there is to go through their menu list and order for your choice. There is fresh and light salad and other delectable to opt for. However, if you have something bordering your mind, you can give them a call.

Contact: +66 (0) 2 238 0931
Website: http://eatmerestaurant.com/

6. Le Du Restaurant and Wine Bar

Le Du Restaurant is a newly launched restaurant in Silom. It is located at 399/3 Silom Soi 7. Le Du is not actually a French restaurant per se, despite the fact that the name sounds like a French name. The connotation of Le Du is Season in Thai language. There are experienced chefs at Le Du that contribute immensely to the success of this restaurant through the tasty and delicious dishes they prepare.

Le Du restaurant and Wine Bar is totally unique when it comes to excellent service, comfortable atmosphere, and serving tantalizing food. They serve high-level menus and the staffs are accommodating, friendly and speak correct English.

Contact: +66 (0)92 919 9969
Website: http://www.ledubkk.com/

7. La Table de Tee Restaurant

This is a place for tasty French food in Silom. When talking about cheap and affordable food on Silom Road and even in Bangkok as a whole, La de Tee restaurant is second to none. Also, it is set up in a cherished idealistic setting on Silom Road, and it is just a great value French place to dine and wine in Silom. It is unmatched in terms of quality, excellent service, delicious cuisines, atmosphere, and value. This restaurant is on phone number for any inquiry.
Apart from the delicious food from La Table, this stylishly decorated restaurant also serves decent French and Thai wines to complement the delicious and tasty food. In short, you will never leave this restaurant disappointed because you have all you need at your disposal. There are experienced chefs and accommodating personnel that will treat you like a king.

Contact: +66 (0)2 6363220
Website: http://www.latabledetee.com/

8. Water Library Restaurant

Water Library is an icon of excellence and superior French restaurant near Silom. Since its inauguration about six years ago, this restaurant has remained one of the role models in delicious cuisines as far as Silom and Bangkok is concerned. Water Library restaurant has really carved a niche for itself in terms of quality food and efficiency of service.

The design of this restaurant makes it stand out of competition. The neat environment and the aroma of foods in this restaurant will make you want to eat, even if you are not hungry. Water Library is exclusively for French cuisines. You can have both your lunch and dinner at Water Library and nothing to describe their food than tantalizing!

Wines of different types are also available to step down the food you eat to make a complete dose. Water Library operates daily and you can always call them on Tel. +66(0) 2160 5188 if you have any special request to make.

Contact: +66(0) 2160 5188
Website: http://www.waterlibrary.com/chamchuri/en/

9. Concerto Italian Restaurant

Concerto Italian restaurant on Baan Silom Arcade, Silom Road is on the second floor of Niu’s on Silom Jazz Club. If you are a lover of Italian cuisines, Concerto Italian Restaurant will spoil you with possibly the most excellent Italian Cuisine in town. You can also enjoy special Thai dishes with varieties of quality wines in the world to complement. You can reach Concerto Italian Restaurant on Tel +66 (0) 2266 5333 for more information about their foods and other services.

Contact: +66 (0) 2266 5333

10. Daimasu Restaurant

This restaurant is sited off Surawong Road, but not all that far from Silom. It is a place for unlimited preference for vegetables, grilled fish, and meats, together with delicious and well-made snacks, salad, and varieties of chilled drinks to wash down the food. The walls of the restaurant are well designed to make them charming and astonishing.

Far beyond the amusing decoration, why people visit Daimasu Restaurant is to go and have a taste of the tantalizing food and quality drinks. As you go to the restaurant, you are guarantee quality and second to none food and drinks. You have the option to eat seafood, fish, and vegetables if you are in the category of those who are not carnivores.
In a nutshell, Daimasu Restaurant is a great place to have maximum enjoyment and value for your money. There are varieties of great food choices at affordable rates. They have accommodating and efficient staff members that will give the best service you deserve.

Contact: +66 (0)2 634 1477
More information: http://bk.asia-city.com/restaurants/bangkok-restaurant-reviews/daimasu 

11. Dean & DeLuca

When you are looking for an excellent dining experience, look no further than Dean& DeLuca. This restaurant is sited at Mahanakorn Pavilion, at the foot of BTS Chong Nonsi.  There are a wide range of foodie coffees, pastry, cakes, and sandwiches to choose from. You will also be offered to the best treatment that will make you feel at home.

Contact: +66 (0) 2234 1434
Website: http://www.deandeluca.com/

12. Indian Hut

Without any exaggeration, Indian Hut restaurant is among the top Indian restaurants in Bangkok. Its location is at 418 Suriwongse Road, Next to Ma Hotel. This is a must-visit restaurant to experience series of genuine Indian cuisine. Have an encounter with Indian Hut today to enjoy Chicken Malai Tikka and Tandoori Chicken. The experience is nothing but excellent. Food price are also affordable at Indian Hut.

Contact: +66 (0) 2 635 7876-7
Website: http://www.indianhut-bangkok.com/

13. Il Cielo Dusit Thani Restaurant

Il cielo Dusit Thani is an incredible restaurant in Silom. It is located at the upper ground floor of Dusit Thani Hotel and it is also a wonderful place where hospitality is at its best. There are fantastic deals for lunch and dinner also comes with tasty dishes. Food at Il cielo Dusit are made with superb ingredients in their uncovered kitchen. There are varieties of Italian dishes for you at this restaurant. Their pizza is unique and incomparable.

Despite the fact that there are many restaurants in Bangkok that sells pizzas, you cannot compare the one from Il cielo with any other restaurant. The pizzas at this particular restaurant are prepared with quality ingredients and they are the best for any occasion. The lunch time also provides incredible deals, but the fact is that the taster buffet is the most striking.

Contact: 02-200-9000 ext. 2299.
For more information: http://bk.asia-city.com/restaurants/bangkok-restaurant-reviews/il-cielo

14. Indigo French Restaurant

Indigo French Restaurant is a French adventure at the center of Silom. This restaurant that has been operation for many years is located at 6 Convent Road, Silom. This French restaurant is renowned and of good repute, particularly for quality service, excellence and tasty dishes. French citizens always feel at home at Indigo French Restaurant because of the well accomplished serving of the French customary recipes. In all ramifications, Indigo is perfect.
Lunch and dinner list of options provide an overwhelming list of dishes you can always get in French bistros and Brasseries, together with the season of home cooking. Without doubt, you will always get the best at Indigo. It is one of the restaurants that cook to faultlessness. You can get in touch with Indigo French Restaurant on 02-235-3268 for advance booking and other useful information.

Contact: 02-235-3268
For more information: http://bk.asia-city.com/restaurants/bangkok-restaurant-reviews/indigo

15. Jok Prince Restaurant

Jok Prince Restaurant located at Charoen Krung Road, in front of Robinson Shopping Mall is popular for its tantalizing porridge and rice soup that goes with just pork. Joke Prince is very easy to locate because Robinson Bangrak is popular for causing hectic traffic hold ups at all times. The restaurant may not be as big as you may envisage with not more than only two lines of inexpensive tables. However, in spite of the self-effacing setting of restaurant, there is always long queue for food they will take away, not including the fully filled up chairs and tables.
This small but giant restaurant will give you the best of tasty and tantalizing dishes. Dine and wine at affordable rate.

Contact: +66 81 916 4390
For more information: http://www.bangkok.com/magazine/jok-prince.htm

16. Le Bouchon

Le Bouchon located at 37/17 Patpong Soi 2, Surawong Road is well patronized by the French expatriates and other visitors. They have quality wines and good food available at subsidized rates. However, it is suggested that you call them in advance to book your favorite food and drinks in advance.

Contact: +66 (0) 2234 9109
Website: http://lebouchonpatpong.com/

17. Mango Tree

You will find Mango Tree Restaurant on Surawongse Road. Apart from the Thai traditional dishes you will eat there, you also be entertained with cool music from popular musician. Mango Tree is surely a place to visit to dine and wine. Their telephone number is.

+66 2 236 2820
Trip Advisor review: 

18. Mezzaluna Bangkok at Tower Club at Lebua

If you are looking for a superb restaurant to eat in Silom, Mezzaluna Restaurant is really a nice and best option. It is sited on the 65th floor of Tower Club at lebua. Menus offered are rich and satisfying. World-class is just the word to describe menus from this restaurant. As a matter of fact, you have different options to choose from, when it comes to tasty dishes at Mezzaluna restaurant.

Contact: +66 (0) 2624 9802.
Website: http://www.lebua.com/mezzaluna

19. Namsaah Bottling Trust

This restaurant is a renowned and familiar restaurant as far as Silom is concerned. It is located at 401 Soi Sirijullassayvok Silom, the restaurant prepare classical dishes that will make you never to eat at home again. Yes, the burger is just too extraordinary while there are varieties of dishes for local and foreign diners at affordable prices. While enjoying your meal, you will be entertained with live music.

Contact: +66 2623 6622
Website: http://www.namsaah.com/

20. Somboon Seafood

Go straight to Somboon Seafood on 169/7-11 Surawong Road, if you are longing for fresh seafood. This restaurant has being in business for the past 40 years and they know what quality and nice food is all about. While quality is the watchword at Somboon Seafood, you will never regret eating the crab dish. Advanced bookings are strongly suggested.

Contact: +66 (0) 2234 4499
Website: http://www.somboonseafood.com/index.php/en/site/intro

21. Paris Restaurant

Paris Restaurant is situated at 120 Soi Saladang 1/1, Silom Bangrak and it is the best place to eat French food in Silom. There is a wide range of French menu at Paris Restaurant, despite that the staffs are all from Thailand. The atmosphere is peaceful; the food is cheap and tasty. Although Paris Restaurant is a large one but being placed in a small place, you are immediately offered a French treatment, as soon as you go into the restaurant.
The beautification and the overall surroundings is marvelous as it is moderately done, and maintains a very pleasant comfortable warm ambiance. When you are at the restaurant, it will be as if you are back in France. Great meal awaits you and your loved ones at Paris Restaurant.

Contact: +66 (0)2 233 1990
Website: http://www.parisbangkok.com/


22. Scarlett Wine Bar and Restaurant

Scarlett Wine Bar and Restaurant on Pullman Bangkok Hotel G, 37th Floor, 188 Silom Road is a fantastic restaurant for the best intercontinental dishes. The atmosphere is affectionate and Conducive for eating. This wine and bar restaurant takes up almost the whole floor, with the room planned ingeniously to bring about beautiful lights that makes the place comfortable without any need for walls or dividing the place.

Without doubt, Scarlett Wine Bar and Restaurant is surely a great place to visit to wine and dine in Silom. It’s famous for it’s wine so don’t forget to order the awesome wines they offer. The service is without blemish, and the atmosphere is peaceful. Nevertheless, call Tel. (+66) 2238 1991 for an advance reservation of your table.

Contact:  (+66) 2238 1991
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scarlettwinebarbangkok

23. Som Tum Der Restaurant

Som Tum Der Restaurant is situated at 5/5 Soi Saladaeng, Silom Road, and one of the leaders when it comes to Thai food. They offer exceptional dishes that will make any customer to make a repeat visit to the restaurant. This restaurant never compromise good taste and quality. They prepare their food from high-quality ingredients. Dishes are cooked in a confined kitchen, where odor and smoke will not disturb you and your guests (if any).

Contact: 02-632-4499, 084-764-4291
Website: http://somtumder.com/


24. Taling Pling Restaurant

Taling Pling Restaurant is among the limited restaurants where you will have the real and genuine experience of Thai dining in Silom. There are varieties of delicious Thai menu for you to choose from at Taling Pling Restaurant. However, don’t do without having a taste of the traditional Thai creamy banoffee pie and deserts when you finish the meal.

Contact: (66) 2236 4829-30
Website: http://talingpling.com/


25. Thanying Royal Cuisine Restaurant

In case you have not heard about Thanying Royal Cuisine Restaurant, well, this restaurant situated at 10 Thanon Pramuan Street, off Silom Road is among the small number of restaurants offering the actual royal dishes in Silom and Bangkok as a whole. When you get to this restaurant, you will surely get your choice. They use the most quality ingredients to prepare their cuisines. No wonder people rush there in huge number to have their lunch or dinner.
With different types of high-quality dishes always available, you will never be disappointed when you get there. You will not only enjoy the real taste of royal dishes, but stylish interior will make you feel as if you are in paradise. Without much ado, this is a wonderful restaurant to experience matchless cuisines.

Contact: (66) 02-236-4361, (66) 02-235-0371
Website: http://thanying.com/








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