Where to Buy Large Size Shoes UK13 to US14 and EU48 in Bangkok?


large size shoes in bangkok
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For some reason people with bigger feet than usual still have troubles finding shoes. In most of the cases even when they do find, usually those are not shoes that they would wear if they had wider choice. Sounds a bit sad, right? Well, but that’s the truth.

However, since Bangkok is known as city where there is everything for everyone, this is not issue at all.

There are variety of stores that do offer large size shoes UK13, US14 or EU48, but not everyone knows it. So we decided to make a little research and help these people in finding the right shoes for them.

Here is what we found:

1. Siam Bootery

Siam Bootery is in Asok (center of the city) right opposite Terminal 21. This store is known for their amazing leather and skin shoes. Probably many of you already have been there and have seen the high quality shoes that they offer, but we guess not everyone knows that Siam Bootery also offers custom shoes, especially made for you no matter the size of your feet. The prices are not that cheap, but the great quality is guaranteed.


2. MBK Center

This one is by far the most known Bangkok’s shopping mall, both between the locals and the expats. At even eight stories high, this shopping mall covers even 2000 stores, restaurants and service outlets.

It is checked that in MBK leather shoe shop you would be lucky to find large size shes UK13, US14 or EU48. The shoes are high quality and look amazing as well. Make sure to give it a shot!


3. Terminal 21 Shopping Mall

Another legendary shopping mall in Bangkok, with even 9 stories in the retail area,where you could find large size shoes. On the ground floor, in the sport store there are variety of choice of large size shoes that are not only high quality, but also very affordable.


4. Central World

It is a shopping plaza and complex in Bangkok, known to be sixth largest shopping center in the world. In some of their stores, it is guaranteed that you could find large size shoes that would fit your style and your budged. Make sure to check it out!
We hope this was helpful for you and now you are wearing amazing shoes, just the way you like! 🙂


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