International Bangkok Bike Festival 2015


international bike festival bangkok 2015
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Bangkok is fun and exciting for every single person who stumbles across it for at least once in life. Why? Well because there’s something for everyone. There’s something for each taste, something for each soul.

For the adventurers, Bangkok is literally a synonym for paradise, but this time our focus would be only on the lovers of the bicycle here is the good news: there is International Bangkok Bike Festival in Bangkok 2015!

In International Bangkok Bike Festival 2015 you would not only have a chance to see some of the most amazing bicycles in the world, but also meet new people who share the same interest with you – the love for bicycles.

You will also have the chance to create opportunities for developing relationship with industry peers, explore developments in design and innovation, launch new products and share your own thoughts and ideas through networking.

The bicycles you will see there are super trendy no matter whether they are city bikes or road bikes. They all are part of proven brands that never fail their customers and you could see that by the first time you lay your eyes on the bicycles.

International Bangkok Bike Festival is a glamorous event where people from all around the world, lovers of bicycles, will come to find the bicycle of their dream or even maybe start the business they always were dreaming about.

In case you belong to one of those categories, this is a MUST event for you and you shouldn’t miss it out for nothing in the world. Make sure to bring your family and friends with you even if maybe they are not such a huge fans of bicycles because the chances are that once they see all these amazing bicycles they would start liking them as much as you do!

How to Get There?

Popular Rd, Ban Mai, Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi 11120
Telephone: +66(0) 2833 4455
Fax: +66(0) 2833 4456
For more information:


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