Kang Ban Phe – The Absolute Seafood Restaurant In Downtown Bangkok



If you are in Bangkok right now, probably you have noticed that there are so many restaurants where you can go for breakfast, lunch or dinner that you can’t really make your choice. “Should I go here or should go there?” is probably one of the main questions that you have in your head everytime you are about to have a meal.

So let us help you in finding that answer.

Kang Ban Phe is by far the best noodle and seafood restaurant in Bangkok. There are variety of seafood dishes that you can choose and if you are one of those who wants to try something new – this place is definitely the right choice for you.

Mantis shrimp is their best dish most popular among people. Thai tea with grass jelly and homemade ice-cream are just one of the many other things (beside seafood) that are also a popular item beside seafood.

The restaurant which is super unique not only because of the food that you can find there, but also because of their wonderful location which is just 500 meters into soi Ruamrudee where you can feel the spirit of Bangkok on a whole other level.

When it comes to the decoration, the word “stylish” would be the one that perfectly describes this restaurant, yet still is much more than that. The floors are decorated with wood boards and fishnets, giving the place a real uniqueness.

The staff that works there is always on top of things, giving their best to provide their customers a remarkable service. They are super polite and friendly, yet professional and active, combination which is very rare in Bangkok.

Customers who have visited this restaurant claim that the experience they had was super joyful and relaxing

When it comes to the prices, of course each of the dish has a different price, but generally speaking they are affordable and definitely worth the money.

Kang Ban Phe is a restaurant which will steal your heart and make you come back for more over and over again.

In case you don’t believe it, just try and check it by yourself! 😉

Phone: 02-019-0588
Website: www.kangbanphe.com

How to get there

kang ban phe Noodle & Seafood Cafe








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